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Monday, July 7, 2008

A Good Watchdog and a Motorcycle Ride

Last night I snapped this photo after hearing Jazz barking loudly. The deer in the upper right of the photo is a young buck mule deer and he was obviously in the Queen's territory and she was telling him about it. He was totally unconcerned. As you can see in the photo, Jazz is on one side of a cattle guard--her electronic fence runs under that cattle guard and she knows she cannot go past that point. Love that electronic fence.

I was brave today and took the Kawasaki mule up onto one of the irrigation ditch banks to spray weeds. Last year when I did this, I panicked at one point and almost put myself and the mule in the irrigation ditch. The ditch is high up on a hillside and on one side of the narrow driving spot is a deep ditch filled with water and on the other side of the driving spot is a steep hillside and that I would not want to tumble down! I was successful today and got lots of houndstongue pulled and sprayed.

It was a beautiful day in Montana, perfect temperatures but hazy from forest fires somewhere, probably California. After lunch we took the motorcycle into Big Timber to pick up a few groceries and I do mean few--the saddle bags on the Honda are small--the eggs rode home on my lap!

Wild Roses--the water in the rivers is still very high but the level is going down some every day, so the old timers must be right when they say, "high water is over when the wild roses bloom."

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