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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Family Visit

It seems like family visits are never long enough when you live as far away from family as I do. My brother, Ross and his family have been on a trip across the country starting on July 4. They arrived here on Wednesday and departed this afternoon.

While here, they toured the famous C. Sharps and Shiloh Arms gun manufacturing plants, went for long walks with us and the boys got to visit the local water park yesterday afternoon. Last night we grilled burgers and then headed over to the ranch Michael's son manages to see if we could spot any wildlife. Ross and the boys are big hunters. Most of the wildlife stayed out of site with the exception of buck mule deer. No elk or bears like we had hoped.

This morning, we drove over to the West Boulder area to the home and studio of a friend who makes beautiful pottery. My everyday dishes and many of my serving pieces were made by John. My sister-in-law ordered a complete set of dishes in the color she likes and I picked out a serving dish--John presented the serving dish as a gift to me--what a delightful surprise.

After we got back to the ranch, we had a light lunch and then the scurrying began to get all packed and loaded up. They drove down the driveway with promises to see us at Christmas--we spend every other year in Arkansas for Christmas.

So, as I write this, I am sad and lonesome but it was a good visit and we will spend a longer time together in Arkansas in December.
This big guy was totally unconcerned about us taking his photo.
Vicky took this photo of Michael and I while we were out looking for critters last night.
My "little" brother Ross, Vicky, Trenton and Clayton. Ross is the youngest of my two siblings and is 6' 4" tall--I still call him my "little" brother. His boys are also showing promise of being very tall, Trenton, the 14 year old is all ready 6' and Clayton is not far behind.

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