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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Busy Summer Day

We started the day out with a nice walk then Michael got started on garage building again. I did one of my least favorite chores, vacuuming. I also got brave and got online at the Social Security website (yes, Michael is old enough to get Social Security) and changed the bank where we have his checks deposited. It was so easy I was nervous!!

After lunch I headed into town with the truck and dump trailer. I had an appointment to get my hair cut and gray disguised and Michael needed some supplies from the lumber store for the garage.

I also stopped by the nursing home and visited our friend Beryl. My heart hurts for her, she is 92 years old and very independent and has always said she never, ever wanted to be in the nursing home. Her husband has been there since March and she only recently developed a health problem that caused her to be admitted to the hospital section and now that she is better, she feels she cannot leave her husband there by himself. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better for her. She and her husband were our neighbors until their health forced them to sell their ranch and move into town. They still own a cabin and small acreage just up the road from us and Michael just cut the hay on their place for them--they worry about fire danger so much. They have spent many holiday gatherings with us and were good friends of Michael's parents also.

I picked up a few groceries and headed home. I attempted to rent a carpet cleaner to clean the RV carpets but they charge you extra if you don't bring it back the same day--do they think everyone that needs a carpet cleaner lives in town?? So, I will have to come up with another solution.

Just some photos of my glorious summer flowers on the decks

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