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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Summer Sunday

I kind of took the day off today and puttered. Nat came up and had lunch with us, chicken on the grill, wonderful cantaloupe and potatoes. The rest of the day I worked on quilting projects and ironed the mountain of clothes that had accumulated!

This is a photo of Kelly and me that Kelly's husband Tom took while I was visiting them in Kansas City.

This is our granddaughter, Laci, upon completion of USAF boot camp in San Antonio, TX this month.
This is one of the quilting projects I completed today. It is a large tote bag for taking to the grocery store or wherever.
The entire bag when not in use folds into its own pocket--how cool is that??

Michael worked on the garage until lunchtime and after lunch, he and his Dad spent a long time visiting about the history of this area. Michael's family came to Montana in the 1880's so there is a lot of history to talk about! When Nat headed back to Big Timber, Michael started baling hay. He had to work on his old tractor a while before it would go--the tractor and hay swather are both over 40 years old!!! Only Mike Clark could keep them running. He got most of our hay baled and all the hay belonging to our neighbors baled.
It was a very warm Montana summer day.

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