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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Trip to Billings

On Saturday of this past weekend, it was 35 degrees at 6am!! Our friends Robyn and Claire who live several miles up the road from us had frost, killing their tomato and cucumber plants--Claire was not happy!! Saturday and Sunday remained cool, sunny and cloudless but today, it warmed up and it was really warm in Billings.

As I had to have some blood drawn this morning before I could eat breakfast, we headed to Big Timber early, had the blood drawn and then ate breakfast at the Frosty Freeze. Then it was on to Billings looking like a group of gypsies with the mattress we were returning tied down in the back of the truck. We picked up a new mattress along with a bunch of groceries. I found some clothes on sale at Talbot's and some new bedroom rugs and other things at Target.

When we arrived back in Big Timber and exited the freeway, we noticed a truck and horse trailer beside the road along the exit ramp and a cowboy walking up the ramp. We stopped and asked if we could help--he had run out of gas so we hauled him into our local gas station, they loaned him a gas can and we hauled him back out to his truck where his patient wife and dog waited. He was very grateful and we were glad to help.

Motorcycle Michael yesterday, the sky really was that blue!

One lazy little dog enjoying her afternoon siesta!

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