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Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4 Celebration

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was hot but bearable in the shade, we ended up with 29 guests and way too much food.

It was a day to remember what a great country we live in. While we all have some complaint of some sort about our country I am sure, it is still the greatest place to live. Our freedoms are unmatched by any other country. It is such a tragedy--the Olympics being held in such an oppressive country as China. Our travels into Mexico last year were eye opening. I for one, am very thankful we live in the United States.

We had way too much food to eat--hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, baked beans, homemade ice cream, pies and all sorts of other goodies. This is my flag cake creation. All our friends brought potluck and outdid themselves!

This is a very rare site, look quickly, Michael is cooking! He did a fabulous job and relieved me of that duty!

The person on the left is a friend and neighbor, Robyn, the couple in the rear are Joe & Tammy, the owners of our former ranch and the lady on the right is Shirley, our closest neighbor and friend.

This is a gang of friends and neighbors in our backyard which looked wonderful yesterday. A beautiful little creek flows through this grove of aspen trees.

It is a wonderful life!

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