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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rain and Home Early

Well, I didn't get to spend too much time on that new mattress on Tuesday night. Jazzy was up and down all night, restless, covered in hives and needing to go outside due to the prednisone. Wednesday morning she was still not eating and was extremely restless and jumpy. I was getting ready to head to town to the veterinarian but all of a sudden when I sat down to get a bite to eat she was right there begging for a treat and then ate her dog food and began to boss all the other dogs around. All from an insect bite!!

As I write this tonight, it is raining again. Yesterday afternoon late we had thunderstorms with spectacular lightening and we received 1/2 inch of rain which is very welcome in Montana in July. It has been raining for a while tonight.

We finished up the excavation project around the little bunkhouse today about noon and came home. Michael headed out to work on his garage project and I started cleaning up and doing laundry getting ready for my trip. I am leaving on Saturday for Kansas City to help my wonderful friend Kelly celebrate the big fiftieth!! Kelly and I worked together as nurses for the Kimberly-Clark Corp. before I retired.

Our granddaughter Laci called this evening to tell us she survived USAF boot camp--she sounded incredibly happy--her parents and sister are there with her in San Antonio today and for the weekend.

We have been having satellite internet problems the last few days, Michael tweaked the dish tonight and things are better. That is one of the things I love best about my husband--he is a great handyman!!

Life is good!

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