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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weird Fog, Repairs and Lora

Isn’t south eastern New Mexico considered desert country??  For the last four days we have had a cold, dripping fog, Monday and Tuesday it lasted all day and into the night.  Yesterday and today the fog burned off about 1pm.  I asked the most helpful ladies in the office if this was normal weather, “heavens NO” was the reply I received!  It is usually in the upper 50s, lower 60s this time of year with sunshine, not fog!! 

Michael completed his propane tank bay repairs and will do a more esthetically pleasing repair when he gets to Arkansas and has access to my brother Ross’ welder.  IMG_0158IMG_0160Notice he carries a cutting/welding torch assembly with us!!  I think the man could rebuild our entire motorhome if need be with what he carries on board!  Here’s a funny story about what he does carry.

In 2009 we spent two months in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  We at the time were pulling a 34 foot Holiday Rambler 5th wheel with a one ton dually Ford truck.  Michael had read many forum threads and articles about the rough roads in Mexico and had carried along an extra suspension spring just in case.  When we were leaving Mexico we left our newly made friends behind and headed out of the RV park.  Less than 5 miles from the RV park we both heard this terrific, loud BANG!  We broke a spring going over one of the large “tope” (speed bumps)!!!  We limped back to the RV park where Ainslie said to us, “what did you forget?”  Nothing, the cowboy replied, I broke a spring.  Ainslie was amazed to find that not only did the cowboy have a spring with him he also had a cutting torch to remove the old spring!!!  The two of them completed the repairs and the next morning we were on our way again!

This afternoon we took a jeep trip heading out to Sitting Bull Falls only to find the area was closed for reconstruction.  In 2013 and again this year the area around Artesia and Carlsbad experienced massive flooding, you can see along the roads we traveled how high the water rose—glad we weren’t here!! 

And here are some Lora Elizabeth photos:

I love that thing she is sitting in—I’m not so sure Lora liked it in the second photo!! 


  1. A man can't have too many tools.

  2. My dad's worse fear was not having the tool or part that he (or any human in need in his vicinity) might need. He pulled a large cargo trailer behind his motorhome :-) That seat is really cool, she's so adorable.

  3. Nothing like being prepared for what ever that comes on your travels. Our little great grand daughter has one of those siting things too.

  4. What a cute little chair Lora Elizabeth has:) Love those big eyes!

  5. I am impressed with the tools Michael brings along. A welding and cutting torch in the basement of the Class 'A' proved to be worthwhile for the repair job.

    Lora Elizabeth looks pretty cute and comfy in that nice molded chair.

    We hope the sun shines and heats things up for you.


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