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Friday, December 12, 2014

Emmi Is Much Better, Baking And A Zoo

Wednesday afternoon Emmi turned the corner and today is almost her pre-illness happy, busy, active self.  We are so glad and thankful she has recovered—it was hard to see our little Emmi so sick.  She will always have the collapsed trachea but as long as we use a harness and keep her from “shrieking” at balls, she should do just fine.

There’s a reason I carry a heavy professional grade KitchenAid mixer with me—I love to bake.  When we purchased this motorhome with its Cat 450 engine I started hauling the KitchenAid around the country—I figured an engine that big could handle my KitchenAid! SmileOn Facebook the other day I ran across this recipe for Gingerdoodles—I absolutely love snickerdoodles, my favorite cookie but thought these sounded good too. 

IMG_0166The cowboy pronounced the cookies very good!!!

During our visit to the zoo today we ran into a native of this area who provided us with a more reliable weather forecast than the office folks here at the Escapee park—this fog is normal for this time of year and sometimes it freezes and wreaks all kinds of havoc!!

IMG_0163Fog, again!IMG_0164I wanted to show you the size of the sites at this park—huge as you can see, our cargo trailer is 30 feet long and we still have lots of room.  We are paying a special rate offered this month of $52.88 for one week—full hookups and this huge site.  It’s a quiet (except when the train comes through at 1am!!!), out in the country little park filled with exceptionally friendly folks—if you are ever in this neck of the woods we highly recommend the Escapee’s SKP park.  As for the train, it is a local line probably hauling oil and it seldom runs—last night was the first time we have heard a train whistle in the night and that whistle went on forever!

As for the zoo—today we visited the New Mexico state park, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Carlsbad.  It was a good way to spend the afternoon—plaques tell visitors the names of various cactus, trees, shrubs and information is also provided explaining how these plants survive the desert environment.  Then there are the animals—I’m not a zoo fan—it hurts my heart to see magnificent animals such as bald eagles behind cages.  But many of these animals would have been destroyed if they were not living at this or some other zoo.  Take the case of Maggie, the painting bear who came to live at the Desert Zoo at the age of 4 months after being found beside her dead mother and sibling in a filthy compound.  She was covered in sores, starving and dehydrated—she now has a better life than that for sure! 

IMG_0192Maggie was trying to take a nap and wasn’t getting up just so I could get a better photo!

IMG_0173IMG_0174I’m watching you!



IMG_0199Beautiful!IMG_0210Chubby dining on salad!

IMG_0212Double chubbies!

IMG_0223And my favorite photo of the day—this bobcat was extremely nervous, we thought it was our presence but then heard a golf cart and an attendant calling to the cat—it was feeding time and this beautiful creature was simply pacing for her supper. 

A very good day in the foggy desert. 


  1. How do you get all your carving knives to stand up in the air like that? Is that a magnetic bar behind them?

  2. Yep, Judy, it is a magnetic bar--we installed one in the house and loved it so much the cowboy figured out how to glue one to the mirror back splash. It's been on several trips and is still holding--my knives stay sharper than when they were hanging out in a drawer with all the other stuff!

  3. Great photos! Love the idea that you can have your kitchen aid with you!

  4. So, so glad Emmi is back to her non-coughing self!! My opinion of zoos changed a lot once I really researched the "fate" of the animals - I now appreciate them for the rescue and conservation education they provide. The cougar is so beautiful, but have to agree that the photo of the bobcat is wonderful. I love ginger cookies and those look scrumptious :-)


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