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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Volkswagen of Veterinarians

A week ago we saw the Cadillac of veterinarians at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, today we saw the Volkswagen veterinarian Winking smile.  Emmi needed a refill of the antibiotics she is taking for the skin issues so off we went—the vet came highly recommended by folks here in the park.  Let’s just say I hope we don’t have to visit there again and leave it at that!

The cowboy has discovered a fixable problem with our motorhome—if it isn’t taken care of it could develop into a major problem.  The framework supporting the bay doors and the propane tank has weakened significantly from rust.  If you own a coach and the propane tank is located directly in front of the rear tires or directly behind the front tires—check your framework for rust—we are glad Michael did.  Our rig shows no other sign of rust and has probably never been driven often over salty or wintery roads.  Today after we saw the veterinarian we stopped by a steel place and gathered supplies for fixing this issue.

Do any of you use Pioneer Woman recipes?  I have one of her cookbooks and read her blog paying particular attention to the recipes.  A while back she wrote a blog about her favorite chicken recipes and one of them was Chicken Parmigiana.  I LOVE this dish making it frequently even in the motorhome.  Today I was lucky to find a zip lock bag of the sauce in my freezer—all I had to do was cook the chicken and pasta. 

IMG_0154 Do you cook in your RV—I know some people who never cook in their RV, don’t want the food smells.  I can’t imagine not cooking in our RV—there are some things I won’t do such as cook bacon—but almost anything else is a go.  I carry the same pots, pans, skillets, knives, bowls, etc. in the motorhome that I have in my house kitchen.  I do miss my dishwasher!  Today while sautéing the chicken I opened a window and burned a candle.  If I want to cook something smelly/messy such as bacon I do it outside—if we have hookups, I use an electric skillet, if no hookups I use a cast iron skillet on our propane grill—works great.  I also use this method when cooking peppers/onions for fajitas. 

That was it for our day, Emmi and I took a nice long walk around the park this afternoon right before dark—very little coughing—could we be on the mend??


  1. Volkswagen of Vets?? Maybe a better analogy would have been the "Yugo of Vets." I love Volkswagens, especially the newer ones.....anyway, I'm thinking your rating of this last vet to be very low on the Richter Scale of vets....

  2. I cook everything in my rig. The food smells have never bothered me.

  3. Good to hear Emmi seems to be on the mend. I'm with Marty and Roz on the VW's. Pretty good little cars these days and I know for a fact you love yours. But I got the drift anyway. As for cooking, bacon is banished from our rig and for the most part the house by the "Commander of the Kitchen" here in the world of Dogpound. We have taken to cooking it in the oven though and that seems to limit the lingering smell and certainly the spatter. Just in case you noticed that "We" is the royal "We" and really doesn't include me, if I cook bacon I try to do it in rigs that friends of ours leave with us for safe keeping.

  4. Glad Emmi is improving... sorry about the bad vet experience. I guess our rig would put off a lot of folks... garlic and onions are frequent "aromas" wafting around... and fish is on the menu several times a week. Before we started RVing I read a book by a woman who, while wasn't full-time, felt her travels could help others. Her claim to fame was that she had a kitchen range that had never, and would never be used. It would be as pristine when they sold the rig as the day they bought it. I think they used the microwave for everything. I was appalled! Part of the fun of traveling for us is buying local fruits and produce and figuring out how to fix them. (also the beers and wines, but I don't think those count in the "bouquet" department.... :-)

  5. Ya, no onions or garlic cooked in the MH in my family... I have done bacon in the microwave, but wrapped up in paper towel and tossed out before we move for the day.... But I am constantly cleaning out the cook top as stuff is burned into the cracks of the black glass top.... These rigs go down in value so fast that you may as well go ahead and use it..... I just don't like the smells hanging around is what stops me....

  6. When you've had the best, anything less really stands out - glad they had what Emmi needed. Also very glad her cough is finally calming down. It's funny that I've thought about other smells we'll deal with in the MH, like holding tanks and a wet dog. But I honestly hadn't thought of cooking odors - duh!! Still, we plan to cook more in the rig with lots of time to learn new recipes and try new foods. I'm still trying to decide if the juicer is going (although now that I've seen the tools Bill is bringing I'm thinking I have to leave anything weighing more than 10 ounces!).

  7. I've given up on cooking fish inside....yikes !
    Sure hope Emmi continues to heal.


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