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Monday, December 29, 2014

We Landed

Just ahead of Mark and Dortha we landed at North Ranch just after lunch time today.  Our original plan when we left Montana in early December was to spend the month of January in the desert around Bouse, AZ.  Well, Mother Nature intervened!  As I’ve said before, the cowboy has developed an aversion to our propane blue flame heater—we open a window, we have a carbon dioxide detector, but once we start the heater Michael immediately becomes extremely congested.  We have never left the blue flame heater going at night—we are neither one comfortable doing this.  So, Wednesday night the forecast is for freezing temperatures and maybe even some snow!!!  Sad smileIt doesn’t warm up until Sunday. 

So, with that in mind, I decided (we decided) to be pavement prince and princess.  Friends of ours, Tom and Sally own two lots in North Ranch and are seldom here—they allow friends to “lot sit” their space and here we are—full hookups for a very reasonable price.  Last year we had so much fun at North Ranch—jeeping and ATVing—plus this year we have the added bonus of Jim and Ellie having purchased a house here. 

And speaking of Jim and Ellie—Jim grilled burgers and brats tonight at Mike and Pat’s—we enjoyed a great meal and we also enjoyed surprising Mike and Pat with our presence.  On the way to North Ranch from Tucson this morning I asked Michael, “how long do you think it will take for someone to “catch us?”  We hadn’t told anyone we were coming to North Ranch—it didn’t take long to “get caught!”  As I came to a stop sign in the jeep on our way to parking on the lot, who should be at the cross street stop sign but Jim and Ellie!!! 

It feels like home and we are glad to be here even if it is a little chilly!!


  1. Well that kinda changes our travel plans a wee bit as well. We were going to take you up on your offer of joining you in Bouse after leaving the Yuma area but with colder temps now up that way I don't blame you for heading to North Ranch & getting plugged in to some heat. Being cold is just not fun anymore....not that it ever was fun of course..

  2. Now you can put a bowl of fruit on the counter. Glad you're tucked in for a while, especially with lots of fun folks to so exploring with! Hope you get some warmer weather soon, but at least you don't have to use the blue flame now :-) So much for "sneaking in"........

  3. I imagine you mean "carbon Monoxide detector? A carbon dioxide detector would be going off every time you exhaled. But whatever it is you have, good thing you have one. (no flames please)


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