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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We Are Still Busy

When arriving last Thursday evening, a day earlier than planned, I thought we had lots and lots of time to visit and visit with family and friends.  Now, it’s almost Christmas and our time is nearing an end—we may miss some folks I’m afraid.

Yesterday Danny and Ann left very early heading to Little Rock for last minute shopping.  Michael, Emmi and I took a nice long walk then I started making my goodies for our gift exchange on Christmas Eve while taking advantage of Ann’s washer and dryer.  Once Danny and Ann returned we had a “clean out the refrigerator” lunch!  In the evening Niki and I went to Little Rock for a little shopping and a fabulous dinner.  Niki is my only niece and for nineteen years before my brother Ross and his wife Vicky had children Niki was the only niece/nephew or grandchild.  She is very loved and we’ve always had a special bond. 

Today we all piled in Mom’s car and headed to Clinton, AR to visit Aunt Margaret, Dad’s oldest sister.  I guess I should say the ladies piled in the car, the guys opted to stay home and babysit Emmi.  Aunt Margaret is one of my quilting inspirations and I have quilted many, many quilts for her.  Today she gifted us each with one of her creations—just so happens I quilted the one she gave me!

IMG_0592We enjoyed reminiscing and also enjoyed another great lunch Ann prepared and took with us.  Here are a couple other Aunt Margaret creations that came out during our reminiscing—amazing!

IMG_0131A tiny sweater Aunt Marg knitted for her son Tim when he was a baby and a dress she knitted for her daughter Kim—she knitted these!!!  They are gorgeous!!

IMG_0132And here is Aunt Margaret with my sister Ann and with Mom.

IMG_0136IMG_0134IMG_0135and with me.  It was a wonderful visit, one I cherish!  It was a long, long trip home with the Christmas shoppers and afternoon traffic but we are now snug and Ann is cooking AGAIN!! 


  1. I had to look twice... you and your sister are certainly "look-alikes". So nice to spend Christmas with family. AND... I love seeing your quilts and your aunt's knitting... fantastic!

  2. You, your sister and your Mom all look alike. That is so nice to have that shared bond. Merry Christmas.

  3. Now I really like the quilt your Aunt Margaret gave you. Great colors and design, and the quilting is very interesting.

  4. What a terrific day !!!! So many special fun things happening on your trip .... Hard to imagine the skills your Aunt Margaret displayed in the photos !!!
    Love the front porch .... Looks very much like my family home front porch .... Sooooo thrilled you are having such a lovely visit !!!

  5. Thanks for posting the photos. Though I've talked to Aunt Margaret on the phone for several years, I've never met her. She's a wonderful lady! I know all who receive quilts she's made will cherish them forever. She told me that she had knitted years ago but I had no idea she was such an accomplished knitter. Those pieces are beautiful. Enjoy your visit and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Your Aunt Margaret sounds like an amazing woman!! I LOVE the quilt she gave you...lucky girl!! Scrap happy at it's very best!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015!

  7. Merry Christmas Janna and Mike and to your whole family as well. Have a happy holiday season!

  8. You certainly come by your talent naturally! That quilt is lovely. And the knitting - while the sweater is so cute, the dress is amazing!! It is delightful that you're having this time with family, and I can see how it is just flying by. Blessings of the season to you and Michael and Emmi.

  9. What great memories you are making with your family:) That quilt is beautiful. I love all the little pieces that add the variety of color. Wow! That dress is especially amazing. Hard to believe it was made by knitting. Talented lady.

    Merry Christmas, Janna, Michael, and Emmi!!


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