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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eating Well and Rick To The Rescue Again

With all this eating we are doing a walk seemed in order this morning:IMG_0505

Emmi was in heaven today, niece Leah spent almost the entire day throwing a ball for her!  The cowboy had a project—one I’ve been after him to do for a while!  We’ve owned this motorhome for four years and only once in those four years have we been able to make the third air conditioner/heater controls work—the main thermostat in the coach would not recognize a third unit existed.  While we were working in Texas, we had the cowboy, Rollie (mechanical engineer) and Paul, electrical lead on the oil rig; they caught a lot of grief from me when the air conditioner still wouldn’t work with all that expert knowledge banging around in the motorhome!! Smile

Well, the cowboy was finally successful today, we now have heat in the bathroom/bedroom!!!  I am a happy girl!!  Some little diode thingy that lived in the belly of the motorhome was bad and Michael figured it out!

I spent the day cooking—all the ladies in my family are great cooks, fabulous cooks and we enjoy eating and feeding.  While in Alaska a friend of Larry and Geri’s gave them a huge chunk of fresh off the boat salmon—they aren’t big fans of salmon so I ended up with the fish—the cowboy doesn’t do salmon either so I hadn’t cooked it yet.  This fall Sarah and Sarge brought us another big chunk of salmon Sarge had caught while fishing off the coast of Prince of Wales Island this summer. 

This family likes salmon—I used a blackened seasoning and made a mango/avocado salsa to accompany the fish—it was to die for, delicious!!!!!  For the non-fish eaters, I grilled a tri-tip roast which had marinated most of the day.  Michael pronounced the beef, “exceptional!”  Vicky, our SIL brought some great potatoes roasted with bell peppers.  Niki made a cesear salad and Ann had provided two different kinds of coleslaw.  Did I say we liked to eat???  We topped off this fabulous meal with a apple pie/cobbler dessert—it was OK but needed more sugar I think!


About a week ago friend Angie called me—she had lost her “My Pictures” folder on her laptop.  If you remember this summer I got Angie started with her blog, Our Rolling Ranch House.  Well, she fell off the wagon or something and was having problems.  We tried talking through the issues with no success and knowing Rick was celebrating Christmas with family in anticipation of their leaving for the US, I sent him a quick email.  He promised to help Angie after the weekend but in the meantime, I got brave and downloaded the program TeamViewer and took over Angie’s computer—yep, that was brave of me!!!

I could see what the issues were with her My Pictures folder and Picasa but could not for the life of me figure out how to fix the problem.  Rick to the rescue and Angie is back in business.  Today I again used TeamViewer to take over Angie’s computer and walk her through the steps of getting photos from camera to Picasa to blog, she is now back in business!  That TeamViewer thing is great—thanks Rick! 

In between cooking today I wrapped Christmas presents and added the red fabric cornerstones to my little Winter Solstice quilt.  Now to stitch down the wooly sheep and it will be ready to quilt when we are back in Montana.

  IMG_0119This is Ann’s poinsettia from last year—she stuck it in a dark corner at the end of last season, she thought it was dead but this fall it started to produce little green shoots—now look at it, it is almost tree sized!


  1. Emmi looks like she's herding the others down the path! So glad she's once again able to play all day :-) Your salmon and beef is making me drool, and the cobbler looks perfect. When I was a little girl we had poinsettias in the front yard, against the house. They were taller than the living room windows, and when they bloomed the whole side of the house was vivid red. I remember as I got older thinking the flowers you could buy in the store were so tiny!!
    How fun to be cooking and eating and playing with the family!!

  2. That food all looks and sounds sooooo good. What? The cowboy is not a salmon fan? He reminds me of my brother. He won't eat any fish. We, on the other hand, absolutely love salmon. To each his/her own.

    Sounds like you are enjoying a wonderful family visit.


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