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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Roswell, New Mexico

IMG_0087Yes, the cowboy did another long day of driving—he was determined to get to sunshine and warmer temperatures—588 miles later it was dark so we saw no sunshine but it is warmer!  We have landed near Roswell, New Mexico and are parked out in the boonies in a BLM area called Haystack OHV Area.  It’s very, very dark out here, do you think we will be visited by any extraterrestrial beings tonight??? 

We have the little campground area to ourselves—there are four designated campsites with sheltered picnic tables and grills.  The sites are all huge, we fit easily with our mammoth 70 feet long monster.  The road into the campground is gravel as are the interior roads and sites.  We are not far off New Mexico HWY 70 and out by the highway are radio and cell towers—as a result we have blazing fast Verizon 4GLTE service!  And by the way, our new MiFi device is working well.

Tomorrow I will take some photos of our site and the surrounding area.  We hope to do some ATV riding but if Emmi can’t go with us we are not sure if we will ride.  Emmi slept very well last night but did quite a bit of coughing today—I just feel so sorry for her, it sounds as if she is coughing up her toenails!!  We received an email from the veterinarian who treated her yesterday detailing Emmi’s diagnosis and treatment plan.  Dr. Simpson also included her own email so we can communicate—I want to ask if we can give Emmi the cough/pain meds more often—maybe a lesser dose more often throughout the day.

   IMG_0053From Las Vegas, NM almost to Roswell we drove in rain—unusual for this dry, arid country.  As we neared Roswell we were treated to a double rainbow—only the lowest portion of one end of the rainbow was showing beneath the cloud layer.

It was a good day and I am blessed to have such a good cowboy/driver!  Thank you all again for all your wonderful, encouraging comments about Emmi—we appreciate those!!


  1. If any of those extraterrestrials show up give me a call will ya, I'll be right over.....

  2. I just couldn't do those kind of miles that you both are doing.

  3. another long travel day for you..don't know how he does it!! enjoy the alone time!

  4. Our 400 mile day did us in. We were zombies for two days. Hopefully now you can slow down a wee bit. Sure hope Emmi keeps getting better and better.

  5. Anything to get to better temperatures seems appropriate. Enjoy the quiet of those BLM lands.

  6. Hope no one gets you out there in the total darkness. It is kind of scary to have it be so dark.

    Poor Emmi! Sure hope you see improvement soon.

  7. Hmmm.........I thought you were heading to AZ so I was surprised to see your Roswell title pop up on my sidebar. Thought the aliens might have caught you!

    Nice double rainbow pic. Hope Emmi's feeling better soon - and, you too!!

  8. Mother-in-law lives in Roswell. I was surprised how much I really liked the little town, even all the cute little green and gray men all over downtown. I've read that Bottomless Lake campground is another great place to stay in the area. Some days 50 miles seems like an eternity, and others I'm just not ready to get off the road when the final destination is still ahead - the joy of flexibility is being able to do what the driver is comfortable with. Enjoy!


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