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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Story

Danny, my sister Ann’s husband is pastor of the church in which I grew up.  Today their choir presented a Christmas cantata in the morning church service.  It was good to visit with friends/family I haven’t seen in a long time plus we so enjoyed the Christmas music.  Our great-niece Elizabeth even had a solo—she did a fabulous job!  That’s Danny up front and center.


IMG_0518Two of my favorite girls, great-niece Leah and her friend Harley.

Back at home after church Michael and I took Emmi for a long walk then Mom and I went to see her sister/my Aunt Mary.  Mom is one of six daughters—two of her sisters are gone and Aunt Mary is very ill—it was hard to see her so sick.  Tuesday we will go to see my Dad’s oldest sister, Margaret who lives in northern Arkansas.

IMG_0530Preparations began right after morning church for a very special happening in Danny and Ann’s barn this evening.  Strange critters started appearing everywhere.  As the light started to fade on this short day the children of Danny and Ann’s church preformed an enactment of the Biblical Christmas story.  It was without a doubt awesome!!!! 

IMG_0532IMG_0536Here comes Leah/Mary leading her “donkey”, aka, Cocoa!!  Mary wasn’t in costume just yet, either! Smile Darkness came so quickly my photos started to be hazy and the one I took of  Joseph/aka Leah’s father Eric, leading Cocoa with Mary on board didn’t turn out.  This was a first for the adult helpers and the children—having this outdoor performance--they did a great job!!

IMG_0541IMG_0549The shepherds

IMG_0558The “angels!”—Elizabeth is on the left. 

IMG_0566Wayne, the director and Niki, my niece the music maker.



IMG_0584The evening ended with everyone enjoying the soups and snacks Danny and Ann had prepared—delicious as usual!!  Niki baked a salted caramel cheesecake—bad girl!!


Another great day spent in the company of family and friends—a very special day.


  1. Great post. Nothing beats a Southern Christmas program with kids, animals, and food.

  2. Now this is what Christmas is all about!! Those children will remember this forever! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. You are truly having a wonderful Christmas celebration with family:)

  4. What a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Beautiful.

  5. You weren't kidding about having so much family all close by - I don't have that many relatives on the planet :-) Love the program in the barn. I know it was lovely and heartfelt. The angels in the loft are just precious.


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