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Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy Day In Arkansas

As usual the days seem to fly by when I am home in Arkansas.  We spent a lazy morning before heading over to Hot Springs with all the rest of the Christmas shoppers to exchange some clothing for my Mom.  To Sandie and others who remember Mom’s accident this past summer—she is doing well.  Her shoulder is healed as is her forehead laceration.  She is having some issues with her back—probably the accident aggravated old injuries and her doctor is doing some tests.

Michael and Emmi held down the fort visiting with Danny (my BIL) and with Ross (my brother).  I’m not sure he accomplished much else and that is strictly OK! 

My niece Niki and her husband Eric have two daughters, Elizabeth and Leah.  Elizabeth is 12 years old and accompanied us to Hot Springs—oh, my—been awhile since I’ve been around a 12 year old!  They are both beautiful girls and fun (at times Smile).  Elizabeth is a good teacher—she taught me some things about my iPhone I didn’t know! 

Our family calls this farm Barnes-Hill.  Our family name is Barnes and my sister married into the Hill family, thus Barnes-Hill.  The land belonged to my paternal Grandfather and passed on to my brother Ross.  My entire immediate family lives within about a mile radius—around the corners and through the woods! 

I will try to remember to take some photos tomorrow, it’s to be a sunny, nice day!


  1. Enjoy yalls visit. Hope yall all have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. If ever near South Carolina, we can put yall up next to Lake Moultrie.

    Pete & Pam Lesesne

  2. Good fun to be home with family at such a special time of the year.

  3. Take advantage of your time with the 12-year-old - you'll learn more than IPhone stuff :-) My favorite quote from The Prophet is "Time moves forward, not backward. Therefore we should learn to be as our children, not have them learn to be as us." Of course pre-teens are still the most annoying beings on the planet much of the there's that! It's wonderful that all your family have stayed together on and around the old farmstead - makes it easier for you to see them all in one stop :-)))))) Merry Christmas wishes to you and Michael and Emmi.

  4. My entire immediate family lives within about a mile radius—around the corners and through the woods!

    All except for that renegade that moved off to Montana, around the corners and through the woods! LOL!!

  5. Sure know what you mean about 12 years old girls. They really know the electronic stuff, but when my gdaught has her gfriends around it is a talk & giggle fest. Quite entertaining! Have a very Merry Christmas. Becki


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