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Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter Solstice Quilt Along

Well, while at quilt retreat I did manage to get caught up on our little blogland block of the month quilt-along.  When I came home from quilt retreat I had optimistic plans for getting all the pieced borders completed—NOT—what was I thinking???  By the time this blog is published I will have been gone from home 16 days out of the 31 days in October.  Quilt retreat (major fun), national sales meetings, gathering with girlfriends in West Palm Beach (major fun) and now work—I think I am staying home for the rest of the year until we head south???

If you remember—this sweet little quilt came from the book, Life In The Country.  Those pieced borders are kicking my butt—hundreds of little tiny pieces!! 


IMG_2052See, I didn’t get far with the pieced borders!  My favorite sewing machine is an oldie but goodie—a Pfaff Tiptronic, and it sews beautifully.  Up until this last quilt retreat I never had trouble with the needle hole eating the fabric—you place the fabric under the pressure foot and all of a sudden as you start to sew the needle sucks the fabric down into the needle hole—you have to stop, cuss, get the fabric out and start over only to repeat the process!!  I was chain piecing along with the pieced borders when the Pfaff started eating the fabric again—GRRR.  Guess I am going to have to order a single hole needle plate to cure the problem—don’t know why after all this time the machine decided to misbehave! 

My sheep are made of wool and are not stitched down but I brought the quilt top with me on this work trip--maybe on one of these plane rides I can stitch away!


  1. Looking great, Janna! With your active life, I'm shocked you got this much done! Using 'a leader and ender' helps to prevent your fabric from getting sucked down. Works for me! See Bonnie Hunters' write up on Leaders and Enders...she even wrote several books on it! Happy stitching!

    1. I've seen this same quilt around our house. Looking good!

  2. I guess a strip of checked fabric would be cheating :-) Your work is amazing, I always love when you share it here! What is it about sheep that are always just so cute?!

  3. The quilt is beautiful and I like the idea of the story behind it:) Can't wait to see yours all finished!

  4. I've had a dull needle or one with a rough spot cause that problem.

  5. Well done. I made this quilt top last year. Still not quilted though.
    Your blog name is intriguing.


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