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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Short Time At Home

Looking at the calendar today by the time I return home on Saturday I will have been gone 16 days out of October—that’s a lot!!  First it was quilt retreat, then a meeting for this company, then a Florida gathering and tomorrow I head for Virginia Beach, VA for a little work.  I hope that’s the last of the travel for this year!

I arrived home last night about 11pm to a very happy husband and an exuberant little dog.  She wasn’t so exuberant this morning when I gave her a bath!  It’s been a day of laundry, unpacking/packing with a trip to town thrown in.  I had to retrieve the results of my blood tests in order to upload those results to Reptrax—the organization which makes sure the people entering hospitals with products are on the up and up.  I was thrilled to see the clinic had all my results ready and waiting for me!

It was 22 degrees this morning, BRRRR!  Still no snow on the horizon—that’s a good thing this time of year.

My friend Kelly is an avid reader and shares her finished books with me.  While we were in Florida, I started the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  It is a novel about a young quadriplegic and assisted suicide—I enjoyed the book immensely but have your box of kleenex handy!

I think the weather in Virginia Beach is going to be good—I’ve never been there!


  1. Wow, you must really be looking forward to getting out of a suitcase - even the camper to Alaska wasn't much bigger :-) We are excited at the forecast of cooler temps here at last, but 22 might be a bit much, even without the snow. Enjoy Virginia Beach, and find a light book to read :-)

  2. You are certainly racking up the air miles. That sounds like quite a book - don't think I could ever read one like that.


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