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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Productive Quilters

As I am typing this post on my iPad, it will be short on words, long on photos. We have four "jelly roll race" quilts finished!  I declined to enter the race!😜

Then there is my talented friend Jeane. She purchased these cute little "sunbonnet" blocks at a junk sale for 25 cents each--I was with her!! Jeane attached the flange and sashing plus she made the Grandma's Flower Garden block--amazing!

There are two of these quilts finished--lots of appliqué!!

We are productive quilters to say the least. We have also been doing a little eating and a little wine drinking.  Back at home the cowboy and Emmi are having fun too, yesterday they went ATVing with Lonn.  Life is good!


  1. I'm thinking quilting could be a spectator sport - I love seeing all the details and the work in progress, and especially all the unique finished pieces - and yet have no desire to make one myself. I could however, participate in the eating and wine drinking so I wasn't just sitting there :-) Always love when you share these.

  2. WOW!! Lots of quilting eye candy on your blog today!! Thanks...I needed that!! It was house cleaning day..blah!


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