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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Off Again

I'm quickly becoming the world traveler!  I would like to meet the sadistic person who created 6am flights leaving Bozeman,MT when most of population lives more than two hours from any airport!!  Whew that was an early morning wake up!!

This weekend I am gathering in West Palm Beach, FL with three of my best buddies for a girl's fun time!  Will blog and include photos when I have time in between laughing, shopping and maybe a little wine drinking! 

We spent the afternoon yesterday getting new tires on the car and trying to fulfill some medical requirements for my new job. Seems hospitals don't want just anyone entering their facilities anymore!  We both got flu shots and I had some more holes poked in me.

Rick you would be so proud of me, I have figured out how to use my new iPhone for checking in at the airport!  Well I better get going!


  1. Have fun, I use to live in Jupiter, Fl (just north of WPB) for 8 years before moving to Oregon. Hope you enjoy the warmer weather.

  2. Enjoy your girl time in the tropics! It must be like visiting another planet :-) If they could keep us all healthy by poking more holes in us we could avoid hospitals all together......if only :-)

  3. Lucky you - Palm Beach! iPhones are great fun and have so many uses. I use mine as an actual phone only about 3% of the time!

  4. It sounds like a fun trip with friends....and in a nice area too.

  5. Been absent a bit, so now have to keep reading job??


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