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Friday, October 24, 2014

West Palm Beach Florida

Yesterday after a very, very long airplane ride from Bozeman to Fort Lauderdale, FL, I crashed in our room provided by my frequent flying friend Kelly—that girl travels all the time, she has elite status with Delta and Marriott, she is good to have around for lots of reasons, not just her frequent flier points!!  After a little nap I headed out to have an early dinner; I spent the rest of the evening fulfilling requirements online for this job I am/am not taking.  I was going to try and wait up for Kelly but after my 2am alarm clock wake up I was fading fast.  I did wake up when she came in about midnight, gave her a hug, chatted a little and went back to sleep. 

We both slept in then tried to make our way to West Palm Beach.  Elaine and her husband Mark lived in Florida for years and years, in West Palm Beach for nine of those years.  They have a time share here and Elaine found an awesome condo for our use this weekend.  There are four of us, we all worked for Kimberly-Clark for many, many years and now try to get together at least once a year.  Kelly is from Kansas City, Elaine now lives in Nashville and Shirley is from Schulenburg, a small town outside Houston. 

IMG_0392Not the greatest photo, a guy at the table next to us took it with Kelly’s iPhone.  Shirley in the fore front on the left then Elaine.  Kelly is sitting beside me.

Before Kelly and I could get over to West Palm Beach my brand new iPhone decided to die.  I could do nothing except make and receive calls.  It would not recognize my Apple ID or password then it locked up completely.  The Verizon store wasn’t much help although they did figure out it was probably a software issue as my Apple ID and password worked on their store computer. 

After spending time on the phone with Apple this afternoon, my phone is now working and yes, it was a software issue.  Seems dear ole Apple issued a software update that had major bugs then quickly issued another one—do I have that correct Rick???—my phone needed the newest update but it was so locked up I couldn’t get it to update.  How many updates does a product need?????  Just another reason for me to love Apple!! Sad smile

IMG_1866Not too shabby a view!!IMG_1868Here is Elaine and Kelly trying to figure out the selfie thing with an iPad.


IMG_1882What do you see Elaine, can you see the sun??? 

Tonight we walked down to the marina for dinner and were treated to a fabulous sunset—how’s that Paul?? 


Life is good!

And life is really good for our friends Rollie and Gina—their daughter Ashley, her husband Parker and their daughter Jolee welcomed baby Job into their lives today.  Congratulations Ashley and Parker!!!Here’s a couple photos I lifted from Facebook:

Jolee and Jobrollie and gina


  1. Looks like a fun trip with great friends...... Enjoy the beautiful location and the good company !!!

  2. I have trouble with the time zone changes as we slowly make our way west or east. Doing it by plane really used to do me in. But you are having so much fun that should help. Have a fantastic time.

  3. Always wonderful to get together with gal pals - and lovely digs makes it even better :-) Great pic of the selfie-in-progress - I still can't get used to seeing people "take pictures" with a big tablet. Congrats to Gina and Rollie on the new grandson! Jolee looks very excited.

  4. Nice photos Janna. Looks like good fun! It is really too bad that you have had (and seem to continue to have) issues with Apple Products. I have - and continue to own - all sorts of Apple products and have never encountered the issues that you seem to have. I hope you have free flowing results with your iPhone going forward.

  5. Glad the sun came out for an evening peak. Looks like a fun group of gals!


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