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Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Cowboy

The cowboy and I celebrate our birthdays just one month apart—we won’t say how much older the cowboy is!!  We met in August, 1994 and both celebrated our birthdays shortly thereafter—doesn’t seem that long ago!!  Happy Birthday Michael, you make my life complete!

My MichaelMichael as a boy

Last night we took a drive right about sunset and I caught the big moon rising:


Michael wanted to celebrate his birthday by taking a drive—off we went to Billings of all places—I think he also wanted a CJ’s hamburger for lunch!SmileJust after Labor Day weekend the Scheels sporting goods store in Billings moved into their new building.  The crowds lined up to get in at first were impossible and today was our first venture into the store.  The store is the second largest of the 24 Scheels stores located in nine states.  Scheels sells everything sport related—clothing, skis, guns, soccer equipment, etc. 

Scheel’s Facts:

-- Frederick A. Scheel, a German immigrant, opened his first store in Sabin, Minn., in 1902 and sold hardware and general merchandise.

-- Scheels is a privately held, employee-owned company with more than 4,500 associates.

-- Eight costumed sculptures of Scheels' favorite U.S. presidents will be displayed in the store.

-- The store will present a collection of bronze statues of athletes and outdoorsmen.

-- More than 300 taxidermy mounts will be featured.


The outdoor bronze sculptures were awesome—very, very well done!


IMG_1730220,000 square feet of shopping space plus a little entertainment—yep, a ferris wheel!!IMG_1739IMG_1748The aquarium caught the cowboy’s eye—there are beautiful, exotic fish swimming in the columns and across the arch.  Very, very well done and when we were checking out—our only purchase was a new toy for Emmi—the sales clerk told us, “dogs are always welcome in Scheels!”  Our kind of store!!

Well readers, I succumbed!  To Apple fever that is!  I’ve never been an Apple fan—I despise iTunes—it’s one of the most user un-friendly applications I’ve ever tried to use.  But with that said, I love my iPad for what it is—a gadget, a way to get on the internet quickly, and a place to read books using a Kindle app.  Computer it is not and I can’t ever see myself having an Apple as my main computer.  But I did buy an iPhone.  I’m waiting for Verizon to “port” my cell number into the iPhone—seems if you are an “off brand” carrier user (Wal Mart Straight Talk) that process can take 24-48 hours!!! 

We returned the Wilson booster and MiFi device today—the Verizon store was great, giving us a full refund for those devices as we could not get enough useable signal here at home.  Check out Nina’s great post about the news from Verizon and AT&T.  In the month of October both companies are offering SIGNIFICANT increases in the number of GB’s you can get for your dollar.  Both companies claim this offer is only good for the month of October.  We are going to wait until the end of the month to see if Millenicom jumps on the band wagon. 

Millenicom works for us.  As we can’t get a cellular signal here at home, we only use a mobile internet device about 4 months of each year.  We’ve used a Novatel aircard and a 3G Store router with Millenicom for several years and it works—well!  With Millenicom you can turn your service on and off at will—we turn it off when in Montana and back on when we travel.  This used to be a free service but now it cost $20 to turn the service back on.  Verizon is getting there—as they should be.  We will see how this month shakes out with all the different carriers.  Unless the cellular signal improves in our neck of the woods, we are sticking with our land line and DSL while in Montana.

A great day spent with my birthday husband!


  1. This is too funny. Guess what we just bought?? An Apple iPhone! Not sure if we're going to stay with ST or port to Verizon, but we're on the band wagon too :)
    Happy Bday to the cowboy!
    Nina And Paul (wheelingit)

  2. No Iphone for us. I just don't want to learn how to use any new contraption. Happy Birthday Michael. Glad you got your burger.

  3. Happy Birthday Mike. Good to see you coming into the light. May the Apple Gods smile upon your day. That said I have nothing against the other guys, although we live in an Apple Ecosystem here at Dogpound North, I am more than willing to wander back to the dark side should they offer something interesting. But I think I will be keeping my iPhone nevertheless.

    One more day and we should actually have our silage all off. A little late this year, like a month and a half, but with the wet spring we didn't get it in till mid-July and then 15" of snow in September set it back a little also.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mike. Great pic of you when you were a little tyke! left out the most important part of your iPhone news....what model did you get? Whatever model you'll get to love it as they're all good ones!

    Like you said I can't see myself ever buying an Apple Mac but I do love my iPhone 5s and iPad.

  5. Happy Birthday to the cowboy! That "store" is crazy - in a wonderful, over-the-top kind of way. Reminds me of the huge toy store in Seattle that is now gone - it had a piano floor like the movie "Big" - and an amusement park feel like your Scheels. Have never heard of them, but will keep an eye out when we get north. I soooo agree with you about ITunes! I dread every time I have to access it for anything other than listening to my music :-( We have IPhones with AT&T for now but always have our eye open for something better :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, Mike.

    We've never heard of - or been to- Scheels. Knowing what it is, we'll stop in when we next see one. Did you get to spend some $$ getting some important item(s)? After all, it was your birthday!


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