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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello From Virginia Beach, Virginia

A blog written while working isn’t going to be very interesting I’m thinking!  I arrived back in Montana from West Palm Beach at 11pm on Monday evening.  I spent Tuesday at home and at 6am Wednesday I was back on a plane heading here.  I’ve lost some sleep along the way to say the least! 

What am I doing—I’ve accepted this position with TIDI Products—manufacturers of personal protective gear—eyewear, face masks, etc.  My fancy title is Nurse Technical Support Specialist.  What do I do??  I travel with the sales force and provide in-servicing and support for the products made by TIDI.  Today I spent a delightful time in a newer hospital teaching nurses about the importance of wearing protective eyewear when performing certain types of patient care.  The nurses are receptive, fun, respectful—unlike in my previous life!  I work on an as needed basis—I don’t receive pay when not working but when I do work (and I can refuse any assignment if I have a schedule conflict) I am well compensated. 

In life before retirement I was a contract nurse for another huge well known health care manufacturing company.  For 12 years I traveled for this company supporting their sales force, teaching, etc.  This company’s product line was operating room focused meaning I had to deal with OR nurses and surgeons.  Before I met Michael I was an operating room nurse and manager.  I was one of those difficult OR nurses at times and I was not easy to be around.  Surgeons are another whole ball of nasty!  So, it is refreshing to be around non-operating room people! 

I am here until Saturday morning and let’s hope this is the last of my travel for a while!  When working I seldom do more than see the inside of the hospital and my hotel room so no photos, yet! 


  1. I'm glad I haven't felt the need or desire to go back into the corporate world after retiring.

  2. Enjoy your assignment. Hope you get a chance to get a couple of photos from the area.

  3. Eww a four letter word....... work... Well it sounds like the travel is the worst part of it.... Good luck with it all.

  4. It sure seems to be an interesting position. Good luck with it.

  5. Sounds like fun, a job with good compensation and the ability to say no to any given assignment. If I could have found that kind I would probably still be unretired, but I guess I was to greedy to ever say no.

  6. Well I have been curious about this new joB of yours. Glad it's a pleasant one...aaaand well compensated. Two good traits In any position.

    Nina (Wheelingit)


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