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Saturday, October 4, 2014

And Another Old Friend Leaves The Ranch

Remember me saying I was a city girl, raised on a farm but sure didn’t want to go back there ever.  Then I met the cowboy.  When we first got married Michael was managing a large ranch east of Big Timber plus he had the place where we now live.  Two places to cut hay plus he was also installing satellite dishes and doing a little excavating—busy!!  So, he decides I need to learn to drive the hay swather. 

Off we go for a lesson in this huge, massive, gigantic machine with a 12 foot cutter bar out in front.  We had two swathers at the time and I think the cowboy gave me the worst one! Winking smileYou drive these massive machines with a joy stick—the cowboy forgot to tell me that in this particular swather if you pushed the joy stick forward too rapidly the machine would actually “buck” almost like a horse!!  He is on the running board giving me instructions as I sit in the seat, terrified.  I push the joystick, the machine bucks, I fly out of the seat and smack my forehead on the windshield, HARD!! 

I pushed the cowboy off the running board, climbed down and stomped off muttering something about, “you can cut your own *^%#$ hay!!!”  Needless to say he persevered and  I learned to cut hay, I spent many, many hours going round and round in the hay fields, growing to enjoy it.

Me in swatherMe in Swather2Well, the old swather rolled down the driveway this afternoon—these guys only wanted the engine and the hydraulic motors—they are going to build their own snow-cat. 


Check out Angie’s blog tonight, she and Ralph visited the Little Bighorn National Battlefield on their way to Wyoming from our house. 

This Christmas cactus belonged to Michael’s mother and after she died in 2000, LoraLee inherited this one.  The plant came to live with me after LoraLee died and I think it’s a little confused about the season—kind of like Wal Mart and Costco???Winking smile


Me & RedAnd look Brenda, I did ride a horse!!  I found this photo when I was looking for the swather photos.  And I also found this little gem:

Me, Ann & Ross Christmas as kidsThat’s me sitting in the chair with my little brother Ross and our sister Ann is perched on the arm of the chair.  I think my Mom was into bowl haircuts!!

Life is good!


  1. I so enjoy when you reminisce about your life coming to the ranch. I really grew up a city girl, and dreamed of meeting a cowboy and living on a ranch. Childhood dreams, of course, but your tales always tug at my memories of wishing for that. Thanks!

    1. Judy--thanks so much! For some reason even though I didn't ever want to live on a farm or ranch again I still had a thing for cowboys--maybe it was the tight jeans??? :))

  2. I think your Mom & mine went to the same school of hair cutting. :) I had the same haircut at about that age.

  3. Geez, you guys are "cleanin' house". It's always good to see something go off to be enjoyed (at least most of the parts) by others.

  4. Interesting that you wrote about your Swather - now, at least, I know what that contraption is called. Just the other day Paulette and I were walking along the Cowichan Estuary and a farmer was zooming around his hay field in a big green John Deere contraption similar to yours. He was really moving in that thing and I knew it was a hay cutter of some sort but had no idea what it was called. It looked like fun though.

    Sorry to see you lose your old swather.

  5. Great early ranch stories - smart man to get you behind the wheel early and therefore share all the "fun work"! I imagine it could become very relaxing cutting the hay up and back in rows...... Oh yes, the short bangs and bowl-bob - we all looked like we were from the same litter :-)

  6. Boy, Janna, that cowboy sure had you over a barrel. You are one tough city gal:) Turned into a great cowgirl!! Super post.

  7. It is good to see idle equipment (or old and broken) be used to bring life to similar or other mechanical projects.

  8. Isn't that the craziest thing, my Christmas Cactus is blooming like that also. I just don't know if it has taken cues from the daylight, it sits in a north facing window and I guess as the season changes it must have different light. It seams to do this a lot!

  9. Haha, my sister and I had the same bowl haircuts! Cute photo. :-)

  10. You did not want to live on a farm/ranch and that is what I wanted and finally we got a little tract of 5 acres. I raised llamas and loved the work in the pasture and the barns.


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