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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday On The Boulder and a Coyote

There isn’t much going on around here and that’s a good thing as I still am not feeling up to par—ugh!  I did manage to give our house a once over and even washed some windows.  I have a rule about windows—they get washed once in the spring and once in the fall.  I need to do some yard work—clean out the flower beds, etc. but I just didn’t have enough “ump” to get that task done today.

Yesterday we made a run to Billings, I had a hair appointment and we celebrated our anniversary by having a great lunch at CJ’s—although the cowboy had to finish off my lunch.  After a quick Costco stop and a Wal Mart run, we were heading back up the Boulder.  It’s flu shot time and we stopped at the clinic but they were too busy—I want to get my flu shot before I fly again.  Nat was glad to see us and he is excited about his new iPad.  I brought it home with me—the telephone company doesn’t have his internet service going yet—and I wanted to get the iPad programmed with simple icons, turning off as much of Apple’s nonsense as I could so as not to confuse the 92 year old new computer user!!

We are having some incredible weather, very cool mornings but sunshine and low 60’s as the day progresses.  This morning when we stepped outside for our walk we could hear a coyote barking very close by.  This always makes me nervous and we keep a close eye on Emmi.  When we got up into the hay fields Michael spotted him—he’s looking pretty fat and happy isn’t he!


Our leaves are falling fast but you can still spot some fall color around our neck of the woods:


And here’s a beautiful shot of a sunrise Michael took while I was gone to Wisconsin:


Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. In the last photo, is that your drive up the boulder? Ugh if it is!

  2. Your temps sound perfect, and the country side is so beautiful. That coyote looks very healthy - his coat is so thick! Michael really captured an amazing sunrise!!

  3. Beautiful sunrise.

    Those dang coyotes are always hanging around our place too. Ol' Max thinks it is great to fun to roar off chasing them. Not sure what he is going to do if he catches one, although from a few of the bite marks he had earlier in the summer maybe he is developing a little caution.

  4. We are both up for flu shots. Our needles have been booked. Hope you fell better soon. This is clearly the start of the flu season and we know friends who suffering now.

    I love the sound of coyotes. Nice photos.

  5. Glad you are feeling better, Janna..... And all is well ...... GOOOOOOOOOOOO NAT, I AM IMPRESSED and believe me Steve Jobs is smiling !!!

  6. Beautiful sunrise photo! I hate needles and have never had a flu shot. But, I'm thinking about getting one this year. I'll see.Congrats to Nat on his new iPad.


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