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Monday, September 8, 2014

What Was Our Favorite Part

Judy from Travels With Emma asked what was our favorite part of the trip.  Funny thing, the cowboy and I agreed—riding the ferries.  Relaxing, very scenic, quiet—room to move around, not crowded and we met some nice people! 


Our favorite town was Petersburg—beautiful, stunning scenery and NO cruise ships!!  We had dinner in a great little quirky outdoor restaurant, our RV site was waterfront and the park wifi actually worked!


And our favorite place was Hyder, Alaska and the bear viewing platform at Fish Creek.  Here’s a short video of the one huge grizzly we saw—sure am glad I wasn’t the fish!!:

And here is another adorable video which was published by our local Billings news station.


  1. Lovely! Now, I have to ask what were your least favorite parts? And was the truck camper the right vehicle to take up there? Just curious as to how you felt about all that.
    Nina & Paul (wheelingit)

  2. I think the bear catching the fish would be number one with me:) I do need to see this someday.

  3. Truly enjoyed both bear videos. Trust the truck/camper combo worked out sufficiently well?

  4. I know the cruise ships bring much needed revenue to the area, but they certainly seem to dampen the wilderness experience :-( Although they may be unavoidable this time of year, I'm thinking that knowing their schedule may be as critical as the weather forecast up there. I've wondered about the ferries and am glad to see they were such a good experience for you!


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