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Friday, September 5, 2014

Up The Boulder and More Trip Photos

IMG_1436Our neck of the woods is still looking nice and green.  Not too long ago while we were gone, our little valley received almost 5 inches of rain over one weekend—that’s a lot!

Geri and Larry rolled down the driveway this morning about 8:30am—it was awfully quiet around here without them!!  Thanks guys for being such great traveling companions!

Most of our day was spent cleaning up—unloading the truck camper then cleaning it, doing multiple loads of laundry and the cowboy even washed his truck after removing the camper.  Even Ms. Emmi got in on the cleaning act—she got a bath.  I also mowed the grass which was almost to the making hay bales stage! 

Wednesday when we were driving from Browning to Great Falls, MT we saw a wrecker hooking onto a wrecked motorhome on the opposite side of the freeway.  Geri and I were discussing this accident when we walked into the RV park office.  The woman checking us in heard us and told this story—the couple was on their way from East Glacier to this very RV park in Great Falls when the driver front tire blew sending them across the median, across the other side of the freeway and into the ditch beside the freeway.  The tow car flipped but the motorhome did not roll—amazing as the median strip in that particular spot (we could see their tracks where they went off the freeway) was a deeper ditch than some.  The motorhome and car were probably a total loss.  Nina has posted several well researched blogs about tires, tire safety, blowouts, etc.   The link I posted is just one of the articles Nina has written but if you type “tire” into her search box you will find many more great posts. 

Here are some photos Geri took along the way on our trip (and I forgot to remove my watermark):

IMG_1532Geri has a real knack for positioning her camera for self-timer photos!

IMG_1731On the way into Prince Rupert, August 15 we traveled alongside the train—this particular spot was VERY narrow!

IMG_1903The four of us on the cruise we took to Misty Fjord National Monument, August 17.  Can you tell it was windy on deck??

IMG_2652-001The cowboy and me walking on the beach of Muncho Lake August 28. 

While it’s good to be home we are both ready to venture out again—who knows what we may do next—life is good!


  1. Glad to see you made it back home safe and sound. That pic driving along the highway beside the train is awesome!!

  2. What a scary scene that MH must have been. Hope everyone was all right. Glad you arrived safely to the park:)

    I'm sure it was nice to arrive home but nice to know you can head out when you want. Life IS good:)

  3. Enjoying the wrap-up photos ...... I like the photo of you two down at the water's edge !!!

  4. So what was your best memory of your trip to Alaska?

  5. That the travel bug is already back is a great sign. Nice photos from the Alaska trip and the Boulder.

  6. I often suspected the cowboy hat was glued on....the ferry shot may be proof! Love the photo on the beach :-) Will have to remember Geri's timed-shot-location - great picture! We would have loved 5 inches of rain for the year.


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