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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Horses Went To The Barn

We left the north country just in time, our friend John posted a Weather Channel photograph showing white out snow conditions on Wednesday in an area we passed through as we left Banff National Park on Labor Day. 

It rained all night Tuesday and was still raining when we left Pincher Creek heading to Waterton National Park on Wednesday morning.  I was the only one of the group ever to have been in Waterton, I took my Mom and Dad there before marrying Michael.  The weather was much, much better in 1993!!  We took one of the scenic drives but it was so cloudy, misty and rainy we saw nothing.  It seemed like a good day to have lunch in the dining room at Prince of Wales Hotel—what a fabulous building—lunch not so great!! 

After lunch we made the decision to head for a camping spot Michael and I had used before on Lake Frances near Valier, MT.  BUUUUUTTTT—the horses were heading in the right direction and in Browning, MT we stopped for fuel.  “Oh, it’s crummy weather, we can’t sit out and visit, let’s just go on to Great Falls.”  So off we went arriving just after 6pm. 

We left Great Falls, MT this morning before 8:30am arriving home a little after noon—got back in the car and drove to Livingston leaving Larry and Geri to do some laundry and computer catching up.  You see, a special little girl had been visiting her Grandpa Lonn and we were invited to have lunch with her before they headed back to Great Falls this afternoon.  Couldn’t pass that up now could we—I finally got to hold little Lora again—she has grown so much in almost a month!!  Of course it was good to see Lonn and her parents too! Smile

We had a fabulous, fabulous trip!!  Our traveling partners were great—laid back and easy, we couldn’t have asked for better!!  I will post some more about our trip over the next couple blogs—how far we drove, more photos, etc.  Thanks so much to all of you for the great comments as we traveled along!



  1. I bet seeing that little granddaughter after all this time was very exciting:) Glad you got home safely.


  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound ..... A nice welcome to be with the new baby girl again !!!

  3. Welcome back to a full size kitchen and bathroom and baby girl hugs :-)

  4. It has been so neat to have "traveled" with you through your blog with photos. I feel that you see more when you travel with compatible friends. See you soon in AZ. This could be our last year in AZ for the winter. We'll see....

  5. Must be nice to be back home. That said, it seemed you had a wonderful trip and it was fun to follow along.


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