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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friends Visit and Elk Video

While in Cedar Key, Florida a few years ago we were blogger stalked—actually more than once—but it’s a good kind of stalking when you meet people such as Joe and Carolyn or Jerry and Wanda.  There was another couple who stopped by for a brief visit in Cedar Key but I’ve forgotten their names.  The other two couples have visited us here in Montana and Joe and Carolyn decided to take another look at Montana the past week or so.  Judy and her brother are also very close to us tonight but our schedules didn’t mesh—we will have to meet up with Judy in Arizona this winter.

We met Joe and Carolyn in town for lunch and will be taking a “color” looking drive with them tomorrow—it was great to see them again!!

I promised an elk video and here it is—we used to have elk in our neck of the woods, some years we will hear one or two elk bugling, other years none.  The elk used to be plentiful; different theories abound as to why but most people think either over hunting or wolf killed. 

The motorhome is unloaded and Michael has spent the afternoon draining and winterizing.  Next trip will probably be when we head south after Thanksgiving. 


  1. Guess we need to send you down some smart Canadian elk. Although our wolves eat some, there are still some that survive. Around here it seems that controlling fires has more to do with declines in the elk population than predators, although the places that are overrun with elk do shoot the odd wolf. Most of our local ranchers here spend more time trying to keep the elk out of their feed yards than they do eradicating wolves.

  2. Personally, I doubt the wolves are the cause. Hope to see you in AZ.


  3. We still read your blog and enjoy all your travels and adventures...Cedar Key seems like a long time ago. Sheldon & Janet
    Does our name ring any bells?

    1. Yep, your names do ring a bell--I will never forget you driving up in that pickup, sticking your heads out the window and saying, "are you Janna?" You were our first "stalkers!" Cedar Key does seem a long time ago, we may have to plan a trip back down there again!

  4. Now that is one nice bull. Had a great visit with wonderful conversation and stories. Hope to see you down the road. We love the Montana area and will definitely be back.

  5. You do remember!!!
    We will be heading to Texas in October for 2 weeks then to Florida for the rest of the winter. Maybe next time your are in Florida we can have a longer visit or come to Canada.


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