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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Busy Week

Whew—I think it’s time for another vacation!  Tuesday we helped Lonn work calves.  Working calves entails rounding up the cows and calves, separating the calves from their moms which as you can guess is a very noisy operation and running each calf into a chute which catches their heads.  Two injections each, tick and lice medicine poured over their backs and some kind of anti-viral stuff squirted up their nose—sure was glad Lonn was doing the nose thing—some of those calves got just a touch irate at that! SmileI like helping when we aren’t branding—injections and a squirt up the nose—I can live with that!


IMG_1470You might ask why the chute system is so large—it is a very well designed system of sliding doors creating small pens inside steel walls which the cow or calf cannot see over.  The actual squeeze chute is hydraulically operated and Lonn has the moves down to a science.  In the past the owners of the ranch Lonn manages and the adjoining ranch owned by a famous neighbor ran a buffalo herd—sorting and working buffalo requires some stout equipment—thus this chute operation.

Wednesday we were up and at’em early—my hair appointment in Billings was at 9am!  But the early arrival time allowed us an early departure time and we were home by 3pm after a great lunch at CJ’s plus some heavy duty grocery shopping. 

Wednesday evening it began to snow and Thursday morning we had about 4 inches.  Snow in early September—wow!!  My geraniums which Nancy cared for while we were in Alaska are just beautiful, sure am glad I brought them inside!!


Thursday saw me leaving the house again, not quite so early but early enough—Nat had an eye doctor appointment in Livingston.  It was with relief we heard the news his prescription had not changed in 18 months and he can still drive.  Doesn’t even need new glasses.

Yesterday morning while playing ball with Emmi she ran to get the ball and suddenly froze.  She would not move nor get the ball.  I said, “let’s go in the house” and she slowly followed me in.  I lifted her up into the recliner where she sleeps and she was just rigid, not wanting to lie down right away.  Michael came in for lunch and she just wanted him to hold her. 

When I got home you could tell she was in pain.  This morning she seemed better but as the day progressed it was apparent something was wrong and I called getting an appointment with our veterinarian  for 4pm.  In the meantime Emmi cried out in pain a couple times, once when she tried to change positions and once when I picked her up.  Jim, our veterinarian thinks she has sprained her back somehow and gave us some prednisone to give her.  It’s so hard when your pets can’t tell you what’s wrong!

Can you believe we had a temp of 22 degrees this morning—BRRR—it was dang cold for September!! 




  1. Snow???? way to early, unfortunately that cold air is drifting east. We're predicted to have flurries!!! Hope Emmi is back to her old self real soon!!

  2. Having doxies we know all about back problems and the very best thing you can do for her is keep her from moving and definitely no stairs or jumping. We carry our girls everywhere when they have problems. But it sure does help them heal sooner. That and lots of love. It is way too early for snow for you guys even up as high as you are. Could be a very long long winter.

  3. Oh no!! Poor Emmi!! Our first dog, Koko had back problems and it was not fun. Keep her quiet and give her lots of brought to her on a pillow and of course her favourite treats! Belly rubs every hour on the hour...

  4. Feel better Emmi !!!! Last week my Duke was running after the tennis ball something he is very good at, etc. Well, that evening he did not want to eat or go for a walk... Couldn't really even limp... Set out for the Vet the next morning...... Hip out of the socket .....not good.... Crazy part we have never had a sick day or problem of any kind..... On the mend now with shots and meds..RESTING ..... after the hip was put back in place...... Feel better and rest, Emmi !!!

  5. All the best to Emmi. Many of we humans know how painful back pain can be for ourselves so Emmi's activities will have to be curtailed as best can be until she heals. 'Snow' what a discouraging 4 letter word that is but it does make one really appreciate heading for a warmer climate:)).

  6. Hang in there Emmi. What, snow? We just hit the 40's for a morning low in Maine and thought that was cold.

  7. That working the calves sure is interesting.

  8. Rest up & get better Emmi. I'm hoping the snow arrives in Southeastern ND soon as winter is my all time favorite!

  9. Those are definitely some stout chutes! Bet those calves all have stories about being abducted in big ships :-) Your cooler temps sound nice as we are expecting up to 110 tomorrow in SoCal, with a rare extreme heat warning. Hope Emmi is soon back chasing the ball - after much rest and pampering of course!

  10. It sure is early to be faced with snow. It may lead to a beautiful fall though.

    Sorry to learn of Emmi's injury. We hope she heals quickly. No fun for her, Michael and you.

  11. Poor Emmi! Take good care of her... The snow makes me shiver... We only had 53 here in KC yesterday, so its going to drive me off to Az......

  12. Poor Emmi! It is so hard with pets and babies. Hope the injection helps Emmi:)

    It is a little early to be this cold anywhere! But...the snow does make the mountains look so pretty:)

  13. Hope Emmi is feeling better soon.


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