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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Back in early July, Paulette who writes the Sweet P Quilting and Creations blog suggested an internet quilt along.  The quilt of choice was this one:

IMG_1435Winter Solstice from the book Life In The Country by Country Threads.  I happened to have the book and thought, why not, it could be fun.  Paulette published a schedule and we were off and running.  I gathered fabrics and purchased a few more—the first blocks needed to be completed by the end of July.  Knowing we were going to Alaska, I thought I could finish both July and August blocks in July—home run, right??

Well, life has a way of interfering!  Mom’s accident in July caused any thoughts of sewing to fly right out the window then we were off to Alaska.  Oh, and we celebrated the birth of our first great-grandbaby, Lora Elizabeth:

Lora Elizabeth newborn

Back home in early September my plan was to get going and finish the July, August AND September blocks.  Life interfered again—trips in the motorhome, friends visiting, etc. but I wouldn’t have it any other way—that’s just the way retirement is and I love it! 

I finished the blocks for July and August and would maybe have finished the September blocks Sunday and Monday but life interfered once again—we’ve spent lots of time in town the last two days with my 92 year old father-in-law Nat—he lives alone, drives, makes his own decisions but sometimes when you are 92, you just don’t feel good! 

So—with that long winded explanation, here are the blocks I do have finished:


I have a four day quilt retreat in October, I just might get caught up!! 


  1. You rock, Janna! Remember there is NO pressure's the feel good quilt! Your blocks are looking wonderful...and yes, life does interfere...there is more to life than quilting! (WHAT DID I JUST SAY??) haha And that sweet babe proves it! She is ADORABLE!!

  2. Looks like you're right on schedule to me :-) You really have had a super busy summer - and it doesn't look to be slowing down any either. With the weather changing up there I'm guessing you'll be headed south again fairly soon......

  3. Life does have a way of happening and not necessarily how we planned it. Relax and enjoy. Your quilts are always beautiful. Of course, that adorable little girl takes center stage.

  4. You have been busy! I love what you've done with Winter Solstice. And what an absolutely adorable baby!! Have a happy day!

  5. It has been a busy time, these past several months, but it seems that a lot of it was good fun too. That quilt will get made.

    Cute, cute grand baby! I really like the style our modern day photographers create for baby photos.

  6. Gorgeous quilts, love the bunny one too. Guess you could say the grass doesn't get green under your feet with your busy schedule (and life itself). But life is great...


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