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Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Computer Lessons

Angie appeared toting computer and notepad ready for some more computer lessons.  I gave up on Live Writer and we learned how to write a blog in Microsoft Word, then cut and paste it into Blogger, adding the photos once the blog was on Blogger Dashboard.  She posted another great blog, this one longer and with more photos.  Angie loved getting the comments from all you guys—thanks a bunch! Here’s a link to her blog about their stay in Pendleton, Oregon. 

We all enjoyed leftovers for lunch—Pioneer Woman Parmigiana, salad with homemade dressing, and french bread.  The cowboy and I are going back to having our heavy meal at lunch and eating either no supper or a very light one.  Tonight we enjoyed a happy hour out in the backyard with popcorn, veggies and dip—perfect!  If we eat this way, heavy at lunch, light at supper—we both seem to lose weight easier.

The cowboy spent the morning creating a spot to attach his early birthday present from Lonn—a Roto-Pax gas tank for the ATV.  It’s a flat, 2 gallon gas tank with a center mechanism which locks onto the jeep or ATV. 


Today would have been my Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary had he lived. 

Daddy and Mom Early courtshipDad was eight years older than Mom and considered quite the catch.  All his life he remained as skinny as you see him in this photo taken probably before their marriage.  Dad died in 2002 and we all still miss him greatly.  But, we are also very happy that Mom found love and companionship again with Chuck—we are glad he’s one of our family.


  1. Angie is lucky to have your assistance with her blog - I'm still winging it :-) I love that Roto-Pax, and I see they make them for water too. Brilliant!

  2. That is one awesome gas can for the quad.

    Good on you for spending the time sharing your blogging skills with your RV friends. It also appears that a good time was had too, during their visit.


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