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Saturday, September 6, 2014

ATVing and Visiting Ms. Lora

Lonn called last night and said he and John were going to check out some new ATV trails up Bridger Creek—would we like to come along.  “We” didn’t want to go but Michael did—I wanted to stay home, finish cleaning my house and perhaps sneak in some snuggling time with Ms. Lora.  And that’s exactly what I did!  So, here are photos from both events!

IMG_3396The trails are located in an area which burned in 2006 in what became known as the Derby Fire—it was a big fire and caused us to be evacuated.



And now for the good part—Ms. Lora:


IMG_1446It’s been a long time since I had a baby to snuggle—she has the funniest expressions.  Lora Elizabeth will be a month old tomorrow and her parents are sure hoping she learns how to sleep at night soon!  I did my part today trying to keep her awake but wasn’t very successful! Smile

When we arrived home evidence was all around the house—we had a visitor and not one we wanted!!  Pack rats!!  Nasty, dirty, stinky, disgusting varmits!!  So, Michael got out the traps and this morning it was:  Packs Rats 0,  People 2!!!!


  1. Little Lora just looks so sweet. Our twin grandbabies will be a year old on the 19th....the year has gone so fast. They just keep doing cuter & cuter things!

    Sorry about the pack rats. Not what one wants to come home from vacation to. The kids found mice in their brand new camper....Katie about went ballistic. Now it means lots of cleaning and sanitizing added into their already busy lives.


  2. Cute baby award !!!! How sweet she is !!!!! Not sure what to make of the PACK RATS reference....... One way or another .......not good..... Right ???

  3. Hiking through an area that is burned is so spooky. I don't know why but I was very uncomfortable the first time we hiked through a burned out area.

    Sounds like you had a better time, Janna:) What an adorable little girl:)

    Hope you continue to win in the pack rat race!!

  4. Ahhhhdorable!! Don't you just want to cover those chubby cheeks with smooches!! TOOO cute!!

    1. Ditto from me!

      Hope that's the end of the pack rats too!

  5. The stark reality of a burn area is such a contrast to the soft sweetness of a baby.....and yet both are signs that life goes on :-) Cheering for Team People!!!!

  6. I might well have chosen baby cuddling over quading. Cute baby!

    Pack rats? Yuk. Good luck with eradicating the varmits.

  7. I'm an avid atv-er, but would have chosen Lora too!!! They're little only once, and that trail will be there for a good long time!!!


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