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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Emmi Is Better and Gorgeous Weather

Even though we are not fans of giving our beloved pets prednisone, it did the trick.  Unlike our other little schnauzer, Jazz, Emmi seems to have had no side effects from the medication and is much, much better.  It’s been hard to keep her from chasing the ball or jumping off the bed. 

Nat came for lunch today and we had vegetable beef soup, french bread and homemade almond maple nut ice cream which was to die for!  I could have skipped the soup and just eaten the whole bowl of ice cream!!

IMG_1916Michael has been in the process of changing the oil and doing other mechanical things to the motorhome.  He also emptied all the bays and shampooed the indoor/outdoor carpeting.  Emmi for some reason climbed up onto this tray and in the process spotted a ball back in one of the storage bins.  She convinced Dad to get the ball for her.IMG_1918

IMG_1920Making one happy little dog!

I quilted today—it feels good to say that—it’s been a while since I drove the big longarm.  It was a productive day, I loaded and finished a small bunny quilt for my friend Linda.  Tomorrow I am ordering a bunch of thread and matching bobbins so I can start another quilt. 

In the beginning when we purchased my longarm I bought thread exclusively from Superior Threads in Utah and wound my own bobbins using a free standing heavy duty turbo bobbin winder.  I struggled with tension settings at times.  As you can see I have a LOT of Superior threads—almost all the thread cones in this photo are from Superior.  IMG_1500Do you think I have enough thread???  There is another shelf below this one full of variegated threads!

A while back there was talk on the forums about a new thread out there which worked as well if not better than Superior—from a company called FilTec—and the thread is called Glide.  The beauty of this Glide thread is that it has matching pre-wound magnetic cored bobbins.  My longarm can be very cranky about tension sometimes but with Glide thread and Glide bobbins I have no, none, nada tension problems.  I think I am going to attempt to sell my Superior Threads and order more of the Glide with the matching bobbins!



Life is good!


  1. So glad to hear that Emmi is feeling better. She is such a doll waiting for Dad to get her ball for her.

  2. WoW.....that was a speedy recovery for Emmi.... She looks like all is well and she is ready to go!!!
    Interesting about the threads... The colors are beautiful..... If you switch over to the thread with matching bobbins your long arm will stay happy....When I watered my flowers today, I told them,"come on geraniums you need to get going like Janna's"......yours look terrific !!!

  3. It's always such a relief to see the kids bounce back quickly :-) Fun to see signs of you moving south again - looks like another early winter for Montana. Great photos - the thread colors are awesome, and the one of the cowboy surveying his world is perfect. Life really is good isn't it !?

  4. Glad Emmi is feeling better:)

    Yes, you certainly do have a lot of thread!!

  5. My kind of gal, wanting the ice cream instead of the soup. So glad to hear Emmi is on the mend.

  6. Those ponies look like mine. Fat and ready for winter.

  7. Your latest "Off and On Adventure" is not accessible :-( Just says "sorry blah, blah, blah......."

  8. Great news about Emmi. I'll have to mention that new thread to Paulette.

  9. I am drooling over all that wonderful thread but the cost of shipping is such a killer!! I am so happy to hear about Emmi...YEAH!!!


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