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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This And That

One of our readers, Jody Rhode, left the following comment:

Son was UPS Driver for years..UPS delivers thousands of packages all over the world everyday. One little mistake on the wording on the label and whoops your package goes to the wrong place. I think it is amazing that you finally got it at all. Just saying...

In this day and age of internet shopping and instant gratification it’s amazing most packages reach their destination on time.  Amazon Prime with its promised two day delivery has stressed the capabilities of shipping companies.  Then add in Wal Mart who ships for free if you purchase $35 or more—Wal Mart disbanded its membership program and is refunding money to those all ready enrolled.  The company also reduced the free shipping limit from $50 to $35.  And then there is Zappos—one of my favorite shoe stores—they ship next day delivery and also have free shipping for returns.  Yep, it’s amazing anything reaches its destination on time!

DSCN3716A walk in the morning desert—“come on Mom, enough with the photo taking!”

DSCN3719A very noisy cactus wren.

During the last month or so Michael has been painting the trim on our house—the house is a non-descript beige/yellow and the new trim paint really helps the appearance.


I know you guys don’t want to read another haircut story so let’s just say this young woman who cut my hair the last two times needs to find a new profession.

Guess who blew in today—Sarge—on his motorcycle which he stores in Nevada flying down from Montana on occasion to enjoy some warmth and sunshine.  He treated us to lunch at Nichols West—my green chile burge was delicious!

And, here’s a sneak peak at the little quilt which has given me more gray hairs--

DSCN3734-001The pattern is called It’s A Dogs Life—the quilt is finally going together as it should—only one more border. 

DSCN3723Oranges—sour little buggers!

DSCN3724The lemon tree is loaded with fruit again.


  1. Sour oranges make a great pie. Kinda like Key Like but orange flavor.

  2. Janna,
    You are a riot about the hair cutting lady !!! Get away from her, my experience, it always gets worse !!! Love the trim color ! Keep having fun !

  3. Maybe Mike with his artistic painting talent could fill those blank house trim areas with colorful Clark frescoes. Kinda along the lines of Michelangelo painting the Sisteen Chapel only sideways.

  4. There was a UPS truck that delivered to the park everyday when we were in Las Cruces - it was covered with dirt and mud from top to bottom. I can only imagine where he drives to get packages there in the promised time!! That quilt is adorable.

  5. Nice paint job and color, Michael! I feel for you with your haircuts. The worst part about living on the road. The oranges probably need another month to sweeten up:)

  6. I've been cutting my hair for many, many years. Went to a barber shop ($6.00) to have them cut the back for me.
    Was charged $14.00 at a salon. Now I have a thinning shears and cut the back myself! Barber Shops are great for short hair......less expensive too!!


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