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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Double UGH

Nothing much going on around here—just a whole lot of coughing/hacking/sneezing/kleenex use!  It’s been seven days since this crud attacked me and I can honestly say I’m only marginally better.  The cough is nasty—keeps me awake at night—I have no appetite, a good thing if you are trying to lose weight but it’s one nasty diet!  Michael woke in the middle of the night with what is probably strep throat—don’t know if he finally got one particular germ from my crud or from someone else but he always seems to get the major sore throat. 

Our dear friends Larry and Geri brought lunch today and took little Emmi off for a play date—she went quite happily—these two sick people she is living with haven’t been doing much playing!  A quick walk in the desert is about all we are managing!


We were so sorry to read of the death of blogger Rod Ivers—even though we never met we read each others’ blogs and left frequent comments.  I will never forget Rod’s “Roomba/Biscuit” post.  May he rest in peace with his dear wife Loyce.

Stay healthy friends and family!


  1. To soothe that throat let peppermints melt in your also helps a cough. Nope, not a nurse, but am a retired teacher.

  2. So sorry your both down and out. Seven days? Wow!

  3. Oh dear not good. Get rid of that!! I want to come and visit soon.

  4. No bueno! I keep praying we've dodged this one too as it seems everyone has it :-( Nice to have friends to give Emmi a break from the sickies. Hope everyone is up and going strong very soon!!

  5. So sorry to read that you aren't better and now Michael is down for the count! Sure hope you turn the corner soon. Loved the photos of your friends bringing lunch:) Take care you two:)

  6. Ugh! I don't even want to go out because any type of illness is threatening to me. Hope you both get better and soon. God Bless Larry and Geri for their kindness--true friends!

  7. Ugh here too. Just getting over a slighter case of it, but hope its not just the lull before the storm of full blown UGGGHHHH

  8. Not ever fun being sick, but so much worse when the weather isn't fun either. Stay warm and get well, Janna


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