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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It Couldn’t Have Happened In A Better Place

North Ranch is about to experience some “winter” weather this week—maybe even a sprinkling of snow!  The ATV gang decided we might better take a ride before it got really cold!  Tuesday even though it was “cold” at 45 degrees we all bundled up in our heavy clothes and took off on the ATVs.  First stop was in Congress at the clinic for me to receive a TB skin test—for my little nursing job.

Geri is our fearless leader usually and we spent the morning crawling up hills and over rocks in a forest of saguaros.  We stopped on top of a steep hill to enjoy lunch with a view—we could see the town of Agilla. 



After lunch we came down off the mountains and started out across a more flat area—and thank goodness!  We went around a corner and it felt as if we had run over a very big rock—except there were no big rocks—Michael looked back about the same time I realized we were tilting and said a few choice words.

IMG_5790Our wheel and tire fell off!!  The tire was on the ground behind the CanAm!  The rig was not driveable—we were at least close to Highway 71 which leads to Congress.  Our friend Mike had just arrived the night before from Washington minus Cathy who stayed behind—the cowboy and Mike made a quick run back to North Ranch retrieving the jeep and trailer.  The rest of the gang waited with me.  We were just dang lucky to be in a spot where we could get the jeep to the CanAm!!

My Mike had the spare parts and repaired the outside rear axle bearing today—the yellow rig is ready to go again!


Today I took a class—more on that experience in the next blog!


  1. Just a small inconvenience for Mike, he has it under control all the time. ����
    Glad to hear it all worked out so well! Please say Hi �� to the gang for us!

  2. So glad you were in a good spot to have the CanAm put on a trailer. You ride to some hairy places! Hope it doesn't stay cold for too long!

  3. Opps loosing a wheel is not a good thing. Glad that all worked out and that you were able to get the Can am back onto a trailer.

  4. If it's gotta happen, you were definitely fortunate it was there. I've spent many an hour or six waiting for a trailer to come back - always best with friends to share the fun :-)))


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