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Monday, January 16, 2017

Senior Pass

Aging isn’t fun—just ask 94 year old Nat—but there are some perks.  The Safeway store in Wickenburg offers seniors 10% off the first Wednesday of each month—the jury is still out for me regarding the worth of this perk—trying to get through the aisles of the stores with the entire Wickenburg senior population is patience trying to say the least. 

Many restaurants offer discounts for those 55 and older.  But the best perk of all is the National Park Service Senior Pass.  After you have turned 62 you can visit a government office—the cowboy got his Senior Pass at our local USFS office—and pay your $10.  Yep, $10 for LIFE—the pass gives you free entrance to all national parks, monuments and other government operated sites.  The pass also discounts camping in national parks and sites.

It was a great deal—the Senior Pass is still available but sometime in 2017 the cost will go up—$80!  The pass at $80 is for life and is still a good deal if you visit lots of national parks/monuments but dang it—I was looking forward to getting my $10 Senior Pass.  My 62nd birthday isn’t until September—maybe the price won’t go up before then???  The article I read said the National Park Service hoped to have the conversion done by the end of 2017!

Another new hairdresser today—my fourth here in the area.  Michael spent his day painting—as in the artistic type painting and I worked on a quilt.  With the last seam joining all the quilt blocks together I discovered a serious discrepancy—as in over an inch off between the two sets of blocks—UGH!  This art quilt has very irregular sized blocks—well that last one is really irregular!! Not sure what I am going to do!


  1. Thanks or the info. Not sure when I might us it, but I will have just in case !!!

  2. What a great deal, too bad we are not US citizens.

  3. I had heard that the pass went up on Jan 1st. If that is not the case I am going to get another and put it in the safe in case I ever lose my first one.

  4. This is my year to get a senior pass, too. Even at $80 for life, it's still a bargain.


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