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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snow On The Arizona Mountains

We received over an inch and a half of rain—the mountains around us received the white stuff!


Saturday evening we had another wonderful gathering of friends—Sandy and Tom, Joe and Kathy, Geri and Larry plus Washington Mike who came down to Arizona for a quick visit.  I cooked a brisket in the oven for most of the day making the house smell divine.  The gang made sure there was not a shortage of food, providing the rest of the fixings. 

Today was another one of those chilly, deary January days and I spent the day fighting that irregular quilt.  Finally gave up and took out every seam—late this afternoon I seemed to be making progress.  The cowboy has been watching football—an unusual event—he’s not a sports fan and I’m glad!  He’s also been painting—trying a new technique--


My dear sister Ann celebrates her birthday on January 22—happy, happy birthday Ann!


  1. Keep up the good work Mike. You and I must be the only 2 non sports guys in the whole world.

    1. I am a non sports guys as well, now there is 3 of us.

  2. Gotta have something to do with those close October birthdays I'd say. Oh ya and that 'only child' thing too. Gotta love that part:))

  3. This is quite the crazy winter just about everywhere! I think Arizona might still be the best though :-) Pretty shot of the mountains! Nice to have talents to keep you busy when the outdoors is too cold - love the bear.


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