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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Back Home

After our little road trip we are back home just dealing with the mundane daily chores—you know the ones—laundry, dog bathing, etc.  We enjoyed happy hour with the gang this afternoon—Tom and Sandy, Joe and Kathy, Mike minus Cathy—at Larry and Geri’s house/garage. 

Back in Montana the cute little cowgirl is riding her horse.  Lora along with her mom and dad will be heading to Germany soon—it’s sure gonna be quiet around that house when they go!

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Here’s an Amazon story for you.  I ordered from Amazon a new cover for my iPad—it was to be delivered via our two day shipping Prime membership.  The cover didn’t arrive on the designated day and when I would “track” the package I received this message both from Amazon and UPS: we are unable to estimate a delivery day at this time.”  HUH???  So, a week after the package should have been delivered and I was still getting the above message I emailed Amazon.  Explaining the situation I said, “I don’t want you to refund my money, I just want you to explain why I pay $100 per year for Prime that doesn’t work.” 

Almost immediately I received an email—apologies, a refund for the cost of the item ($10) and a $10 gift card.  The person assured me they had contacted the shipping company (UPS) and told them to deliver my item the next day which would have been Wednesday—the iPad cover didn’t come until the next Monday!  I don’t know what UPS was doing with the package—taking it for a ride around the country??

I think an ATV ride is on the agenda for tomorrow—it’s warming up again—thank goodness!


  1. Maybe that cute cowgirl should have picked up your amazon purchase.

  2. That little cowgirl is adorable. I love her pink hat.

  3. We too have experienced Amazon frustration. Hmmm.

  4. Lora is just precious on her horsey! We've been so fortunate with UPS and USPS getting our Amazon packages to us as promised, but I suppose there's always a few that run astray :-( Glad you finally got your package - and the gift card!!

  5. Lora is adorable in her pink cowgirl outfit. So nice to see a child playing with an "old fashion" toy:) Yes, it will be tough seeing the family move across the ocean. Thank goodness for technology and face time:)

  6. Amazon Prime isn't what it used to be. They've added so much crap to the Prime membership, but the free two-day delivery sure has taken a hit.

  7. What a darling little cowgirl you have! I haven't used Amazon lately... but understand we can get Amazon Mexico here. So far I haven't had the nerve to try it...

  8. Son was UPS Driver for years..UPS delivers thousands of packages all over the world everyday. One little mistake on the wording on the label and whoops your package goes to the wrong place. I think it is amazing that you finally got it at all. Just saying...(*J*)


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