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Thursday, January 26, 2017

An Adventure

The cowboy, Emmi and I are off on an adventure—we are actually staying in a hotel and after the night we had—we realize why we drive that big pink motorhome all over the United States!  Our room was so blessed hot last night I could have sworn they were trying to roast us and we even had the heat off!  At some time during the night Michael tried to open a window with no success—his handy wife figured out how to open it this morning. Winking smile

We are out looking at properties and our realtor received a lesson in what not to do with your car fob—don’t leave the fob in the car with the windows rolled up if a certain little black dog has been left in the car!!!  Oops!!  Thanks goodness the realtor who had the listing showed up—he was kind enough to drive Michael and Pam back to our truck.  The two of them went to Pam’s house to retrieve another fob.  And at least it was a really cold day and Emmi wasn’t locked in the car in 90 degree heat!!

It’s a nice hotel and I used Marriott points to pay for our room—free is good—I should receive something for sitting in those aluminum tubes breathing germs!  It’s a suite hotel so we have a little kitchenette.  I had to laugh when I showered this morning—the shower head is so high up on the wall the jolly green giant or my brother Ross could stand under it! 

We will be in this area for another day or two then head back to North Ranch.  


  1. If it had been 90 degrees out you would have smashed the window & rescued Emmi.

  2. Where is that hotel, I had those showers for the little people most places have?

  3. I'm with John and Pam. A few more details please.

  4. I'm with John and Pam. A few more details please.

  5. Every time we think we might run somewhere in the Jeep and spend the night in a hotel we remember how comfortable our bed is and reconsider. But a hot or cold room would really send us packing! Have fun and good luck :-))))


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