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Friday, January 20, 2017

CPR Class

Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, cloud, outdoor and natureUp the Boulder at the former Boulder River Ranch which was owned by our dear friends Jeane and Steve.  Jeane and Steve used to have some wild New Years Eve ice skating parties on that pond—and you can see the Boulder River to the left of the pond.   Photo by Dale Oberly.

On Wednesday Geri, Tom, Sandy and I joined lots of other North Ranchers for a CPR class taught by the Congress Volunteer Fire Department.  It was a different kind of CPR class than the ones I took in my former life—modified to fit our circumstances. 

Thursday Larry and Geri kept the Emmi girl while we made a Costco run—we also enjoyed a great lunch at the Haymaker restaurant in Peoria.  If you can believe it—the desert is getting soggy and our high temperature today was 46 degrees!  It started raining yesterday and has really rained hard most of the afternoon.   I went into Wickenburg this afternoon to check out the new yoga studio opening on Monday—nice young woman who owns the studio—sure wish her success! 

IMG_5772Our grapefruit are ripe and delicious this year.

The North Ranch resident owls are prone to perch on the TV antennas—folks complain their signal changes when the owls take off sending the antenna in another direction.

DSC_4442Took this photo with the camera I purchased from Mike McFall.


  1. Beautiful photo on the Boulder - but sure looks cold!!! I miss fresh grapefruit :-( Cracks me up that the owls mess with the programming, probably not so funny when trying to watch TV though.

  2. Nice shot Janna. I hope you zoomed in and looked him in the eye,,, That would be meat!!


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