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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mittry Lake Near Yuma

Thursday morning we left Kofa Ko-op RV Park and headed for North Ranch stopping in Salome to have a bite of lunch.  I guess we are just going to the wrong places to eat—our choices in the Wickenburg area are limited—and I am so tired of paying good money for icky food.  While in Arkansas we ate at a fabulous restaurant in Hot Springs—Rolondo’s.  The food was fantastic, beautifully presented, portions were perfect and four of us ate for $50 including tip!  In Salome, Michael had OK food, mine was awful—how do you mess up chicken strips??? and it cost the two of us $25 to eat.  I guess that’s why we eat at home most of the time.

Tuesday while still in Yuma and waiting for my crowns to be ready we took a drive—out to Mittry Lake.  It’s always  pleasant to see so much water in the desert.  There are lots of boondocking spots along the lake but Barbara from Me and My Dog talked about mosquitoes and other flying bugs—might not be so great to camp there??




It didn’t take us long to unload the motorhome as we tried so hard not to take as much as we usually do.  And on that note—I found out some people read my blog carefully—very carefully.  In the Friday blog written before we left on Sunday I said, “we are staying at the Escapees Park with full hookups so I can use my washer/dryer.”  Upon arriving at the park and being handed the proverbial list of rules we noted “you may not use washer/dryers in your RVs.”  So, I didn’t use my washer/dryer, not a big deal except to someone with too much time on their hands!

Monday morning before I left for Mexico the park manager appeared at our door asking if I was using my washer/dryer.  He asked me three times and each time I said, “no, I am not.”  In the course of this conversation he said something about someone “reading it on the internet.” 

After he left I grabbed my iPad, retrieved the blog in question and noted the sentence I had written about using the washer/dryer.  I was upset—I walked over to the office and using the iPad showed the office managers what I had said in the blog.  I told them, “I read the rules and I haven’t been using my onboard washer/dryer.”  Their comment was, “most people don’t read the rules.”  Well—we do and we also pick up after our dog! 

The park’s septic system which services the RV lots cannot handle the use of washer/dryers.  The park’s laundromat is serviced by a totally separate septic system—I understand totally.  But, really—no one likes a tattle-tale! Winking smile

DSC_4144Date palms and lettuce.

We enjoyed a great happy hour at Jim and Ellie’s last night visiting with friends and getting to meet some new folks—classmates of Jim’s from Amarillo, TX—who have purchased property in North Ranch. 

Today Michael has started work on the counter top backsplash and I put up the outside Christmas lights.  Our ATVing buddies headed out early this morning for a ride—we elected to stay home and as cool and windy as it’s been today—I am thinking we made the right choice. 

Life is good


  1. Did you see Barbara at the dental office? I think you were both there at the same time. You should have asked the manager if he wanted to check and see it the washer was wet.

  2. I hate busy-bodies grrrrrr. We used to camp at Mittry Lake and at that time did not encounter mosquitoes. We were down a bit of a hollow, by the water and away from the road. It was a great spot.

  3. You're right. Some people need a life. Towards the end of our stay in AZ, we narrowed our eating out to two places: Nichols West and Thunderbird pizza. I miss those places.

  4. We have also stayed at Mittry Lake without mosquitoes, but got tons and tons of road dust as the local villains are speeding directly by many of the RV-sites. Eating at home is without any doubt not only the cheapest but also the most healthy alternative. I like to know what's in my food and I don't know it by eating in a restaurant.

  5. You truly have to wonder about some people! Why didn't this person just add a comment to let you know you couldn't use your W/D and nicely let you know why. That would have been helpful for your packing since you thought you could wash. Nothing wrong with a little heads up! But to go tell the office...seriously! We were going to stay there for a week but changed our minds when someone said we couldn't use our W/D. I forgot all about it until you mentioned it here.

    I gave up eating out quite a while ago. I was so tired of paying for food I could cook better at home for a lot less. We generally only go out if we are with others.

  6. I have been on JB's side by side twice now and I kind of like it. It was cold and windy the second time so I understand your hesitation about going. I am trying to get myself toughened up to maybe go on a trip with you and your gang one day. We have to plan a trip to North Ranch for sometime in the New Year.

  7. That's what happens when you're a celebrity and everyone "thinks" they know what you're doing :-) We've only been to one park where we couldn't use the washer, and for the same reason. I've heard the dirt from ATVs is the biggest deterrent at Mitry but we want to check it out one of these winters - it looks beautiful.

  8. Hi Stranger!
    Please, some folks just have to police the day to day comings and goings of everybody else.....
    What a nightmare!!! The Office Manager really thought he had a fish on the line and wouldn't
    let it go ...... glad you had the last word !!!
    Sounds like your HAPPY home is really shaping up !!! So thrilled you have had fun in the process ....... Take good care... have a great Christmas!


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