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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Celebrating The Season

Whew, I sure am glad I’m not a commuter in Phoenix every morning—that early morning rush hour traffic is brutal!!  My Wednesday morning trip to the airport took over two hours—UGH!

But, I am in Arkansas with my family and a happy camper—last night we all gathered in a neighbor’s barn for a live nativity scene performed by children/adults belonging to the church my brother-in-law Danny pastors.  The nativity scene was complete with a live baby Jesus—my great niece Elizabeth was cast as Mary and the other great niece was an angel—a complete mis-cast I like to tease her!


DSCN3626My Mom.

Today Danny was our chauffer for a day of shopping in the nearby town of Pine Bluff—I know he wondered at times what he had gotten himself into—but he’s a trooper.

Michael and Emmi are being taken care of by Larry and Geri—and Mike has been staying busy laying new kitchen/dining flooring in the North Ranch house. 

DSCN3628Elizabeth and her PawPaw.  And I don’t think the original Mary wore boots like these???


Merry Christmas!


  1. What a great way to celebrate the holiday. Love that the live Nativity is in the barn. Enjoy your time with your mom and family:)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well that would have been a very neat thing to attend. Enjoy your family Janna. That is what Christmas is all about.

  3. Merry Christmas!! Love the live Nativity--great photos. Your Mom looks wonderful and we're happy you are spending time with your family.

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