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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chuckle For The Day

Granddaughter Katie provided me with my morning chuckle—Katie posted the following on her Facebook page:

My morning so far ...

Student: is that a picture of your baby?
Me: yup
Student: does it hurt to have a baby?
Me: yep
Student: why?
Me: because it stretches out your belly
Student: yeah, and then you have to get a bunch of stitches in your belly, right?
Me: yup, some people do
Student: how many did you get?
Me: (not even thinking) I didn't have to get any
Student: totally confused.... Well, how did you get him out then?
Me: Magic

please hurry, Christmas break

I am still laughing as I read it again!

Michael and Larry were off to Prescott this morning to have the oil changed in Larry’s truck leaving Emmi and me home alone.  I lead the yoga group and after lunch went to Wickenburg for a much needed haircut—another new hairdresser—my fourth in Wickenburg!  Time will tell but this haircut may be the right one!

Left Emmi home alone today with her new BarkWise vibration collar and the recorder running—not a peep out of her!!!  We are totally sold on this collar and thank the reader—IdahoRV—for his suggestion!

Thought I would share some photos of our Christmas decorations—the tree we purchased at a yard sale in North Ranch, the rest traveled from Montana with us. 

DSCN3571My Mom made the table runner and the tree skirt.

DSCN3572Friends Steve and Jeane collaborated—Steve made the tree long ago and Jeane decorated it.

DSCN3573The cowboy’s grandmother made the yarn Santa, I made the table runner and the musical angels have a story all their own.  In 2000 our barn with an apartment burned to the ground—all the Christmas ornaments I had collected over the years were stored in that barn.  The next day we were poking around in the rubble looking for anything that might have survived.  Something white caught my eye and when picking it up I was amazed to see it was one of the Christmas angels—we found all six—intact except for one tiny chip from a wing.  These angels belonged to Michael’s Mother.

DSCN3574A few snowmen from my collection—Steve and Jeane made the little guy in the back left. 

We had dinner last night at Nichol’s West—a fabulous restaurant located in dusty little Congress, AZ. 


  1. There are soooo many teachers out there counting the days!! I can remember how long the weeks were between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your granddaughter recovered nicely:)

    Lovely decorations! What a magical story of the angel collection...a Christmas miracle:)

  2. Your place is really looking cozy. Great that the bark collar is working on Emmi!

  3. Magic indeed - if only!! Your place is looking very Christmasy - love the metal tree. The musical angels are darling and have such a wonderful survival story :-)))))

  4. Merry Christmas! As Jim is blowing snow, I am reminding him that the alternative was Prescott :-)


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