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Friday, December 16, 2016

Good Friends

I’m typing this blog to the sound of rain hitting our skylights and thunder booming in the distance.  It has been spitting rain off and on all day—makes the desert smell wonderful!

Tonight Larry (Geri comes home from Australia Saturday), Sandy and Tom plus Joe and Kathy joined us for pizza dinner.  It’s such a pleasure to enjoy the company of these good friends—the conversation and laughter just flow—great people!!

Deb—one of the friends who boondocked in the Bouse desert with us a long time ago—had photos of a cheesecake she made in a pressure cooker—I think an Instant Pot like the one I just purchased.  Deb uses a website—This Old Gal—to find recipes for pressure cooking.  I had all the ingredients and Amazon delivered a 7 inch spring form pan this week—so we had lemon cheesecake for dessert tonight.  It was amazingly good—the cheesecake took 35 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker—really, really easy!


The paint we purchased for the outside trim wasn’t dark enough so it was back to Ace Hardware in Wickenburg today for those guys to work their magic—and it worked—the paint color is now perfect!

Montana is having one heck of a winter storm—below zero temps and lots of snow—schools were closed today, something which rarely happens in Montana. 

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor and natureThis photo belongs to our friends Geoff and Nancy—that “barn” is where we have yoga in Montana—they did a great job with their lights this year!!!


  1. Good to see your area is getting some rain. The desert will love it:)

    I almost purchased an Instant Pot when they were half price. It seems I am the only person without one. I don't even have a crock pot!! I just don't think I will use it enough. I am a grill girl and grill everything even apple pies for dessert and Romaine for salad. Just seem easier for me. Maybe one day I'll do the Instant Pot:)

    Montana is beautiful with all the snow and lights:) Good to see in photos!! Not in person!

  2. Aren't those IP cheese cakes amazing??? Glad you're getting some rain. We're supposed to see some here on the Gulf tomorrow. Beautiful snow and holiday lights, but aren't you glad you're not there :-)

  3. Love the photos of the Montana snow... but have to admit I'd rather look at the picture than be there ;-) I think rain in the desert now might mean gorgeous flowers in the spring?


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