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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Not much going on around here—painting—and speaking of painting I stepped backward off the wrong step of the ladder today with a 3/4 full paint can in my hand falling flat of my back, banging my head hard on the gravel.  And I only spilled about 1/2 cup of paint!!

Geri and Larry joined us for dinner last night, poor Geri is still suffering from jet lag—she can’t tell if she should be waking or sleeping!  We had spaghetti and I cooked the sauce in the pressure cooker.  I’m starting to think I much prefer the pressure cooker function to the slow cooker function.  That cheesecake I made in the pressure cooker was divine!!

The post office is beyond busy—there is a line every time I’ve gone but those ladies in the Congress post office have a smile on their face, are cheerful and joking.  It’s almost fun to stand in line listening to Elsie joke with the customers!

At last Friday’s pizza party, Tom and Sandy brought us a surprise--

DSCN3584Real maple syrup—we enjoyed it with pancakes on Sunday morning.  The syrup came from their daughter’s place in Wisconsin.

I am flying to Arkansas tomorrow—Michael and Emmi are remaining here in Arizona.  Life is busy especially this time of year!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, snow, sky, outdoor and natureLora and her friends!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and babyAnd a happy baby Brooks!


  1. You did well with your tumble. When I did the same thing years ago, I ended up with an ankle the size of a spaghetti squash! You have incentivized me to try some of my cooking toys. Jim had an electric kettle from the 80's that I LOVE to use. My Fagor pressure cooker is coming out and an Air Fryer is coming. Too cold to eat out and I'm feeling good enough to cook again. Thanks!!

  2. So glad you are all right after your fall!! Thank goodness you protected the paint:)

    That is one expensive gift! Love real fresh made maple syrup:)

    Have a safe trip to see family! Such cute photos of Lora and Brooks:)

  3. Glad you saved the paint but your head...Gosh! That had to hurt. as I read down and see your picture of the syrup I think, hey, that is just 12 miles north of me! Enjoy the wonderful syrup.

  4. We love love love the electric pressure cooker. We just bought a larger 11.6 qt one one for the house and put the 8 qt one in the motorhome. Try the one where you toss frozen meatballs in the bottom.. .then break raw noodles in half and sprinkle on top loosely. Then dump in a jar of sauce, and a jar of water. I add dried onion bits and garlic and spices. 12 minutes.. done! Yummmm Also we do ribs all the time. Dump in frozen Country ribs in water and onion soup mix. 15 minutes they are fall apart tender. I take them out and lay on tin foil under broiler and brush with Sweet Baby Rays sauce to brown them up.

  5. Oh those "wrong steps"!! Glad you're okay. Those babies are getting so big - just adorable :-). Love our Instant Pot!


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