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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dental Work Finished

In the past when we’ve had dental work done in Mexico in either Nogales or Los Algodones, we’ve had long, long waits to see the dentist.  It seemed the offices told all us Americans to be there at the same time—we asked some of the people in the waiting room and yep, their appointment was at the same time as ours.  Didn’t happen with the Rubio Group—and admittedly so, it is early in the season—all the offices will get busier I am sure.  But Dr. Rafel saw me exactly on time Monday and a bit early today.

Michael went with me today leaving the howling pooch at home wearing her new collar—and we think it worked.  She did not do the sharp screeching she usually does when she sees our vehicles upon our return home.

IMG_5713Exit #166 heading east on I-8 will take you to Mexico.  Pass the casino on your right and cross over the big water canal

IMG_5717Right in front of this “last U turn” sign is the right turn into the parking lot lanes.

IMG_5720Proceed to the parking lot booths and hand the guy $6 to park all day.

IMG_5722Find a place to park—this time of year there were lots of empty spaces.  Look for the little building which houses an ATM and the walkway into Mexico is just to the left of the ATM house.


See the smoke in the background—huge grass/brush fire alongside I-8.  Walk down the walkway into Mexico with the rest of the Americans heading to find low cost dental work/prescription meds/eyeglasses/booze.

IMG_5726There will be lots of Mexican men asking if they can help you, direct you to a dentist, etc.—just politely say, “no, gracias” or simply say “no, thank you.”  Many of the larger dental groups will send a car to the border crossing—the Rubio Group will do so.  Our instructions were to walk into the Purple Pharmacia and ask someone to call Dr. Rubio’s office for a pickup—we walked instead using the map the office provided.  We have never felt unsafe/threatened in Los Algodones—I’ve been several times by myself without Michael and am perfectly comfortable.  The Rubio Group office is about three blocks from the border. 

If you are lost and unsure of where to go, simply ask one of those Mexican men talked about in the above paragraph to help—many will walk you to the office for a gratuity. 

Today Dr. Rafel of the Rubio Group seated my permanent crowns and did some surface filling of three teeth I had brushed too hard, removing the enamel.  I was in and out of the office in less than a hour.  We made another stop at the Purple Pharmacia—for meds they were out of on Monday and walked to the border to be pleasantly surprised—the line was again non-existent.  We’ve been to Algodones in March and one day waited THREE hours to cross back into the US—that’s the longest we’ve ever waited.  Again, same questions from the border agent and we were on our way.


Dental work accomplished—life is good!

IMG_5727As we were walking to the dentist office, Michael noticed this sign—see the “we support Escapees RV Club” sign? Smile


  1. This is definitely the time of year to visit snowbird locations. We are enjoying Florida this time of year with uncrowded roads and no wait at restaurants:) Glad you had another successful dental visit:)

  2. Glad to hear that no bark collar is working out for you.

  3. A successful day all around. That empty parking lot and entry gate sure make it look like the perfect time to make a visit!

  4. Thanks for the heads up and directions to Algadoinkus. We just might be in that neck of the woods before too long.


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