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Friday, December 30, 2016

Nasty Bug

All the flights I took over the Christmas holidays were miserably full—packed to the gills.  From Little Rock to Phoenix Monday afternoon on a Southwest flight, I chose an aisle seat beside a skinny man and what appeared to be his grandson—about 5-6 years old—who was sitting in the window seat.  The plane kept filling with people/bags and about the time the flight attendant stated the forward door was closed—the kid coughed—and coughed without covering his mouth.  Great!!!—now I’m stuck sitting beside this little germ factory—I tried not breathing—that didn’t work well. Smile About halfway through the flight the grandfather told the child to cough into his sleeve—you are a little late buster!!

Well, Wednesday morning I made the mistake of saying to the cowboy—“I think I got lucky and didn’t catch that kid’s bug.”  Should not, should not have said that!!  Wednesday evening I started to cough—no other symptoms—just this cough deep in my chest which reminded me of the little kid’s cough.  Thursday morning I woke feeling awful and the day went downhill from there.  I puttered around all day but about 4pm gave up the battle and went to bed where I stayed off and on until Friday morning.  I feel slightly better today—strangest illness—no really bad symptoms except the cough and head congestion.  Now if I can just keep the cowboy from catching it!

I promised you photos from our ATV ride—we rode down to the Hassayampa River to check the water level after our 2 1/2 inches of rain.  We were rewarded with seeing way more water than normal--IMG_5757IMG_5761


 IMG_5767And these photos are from an earlier ride we took back before Christmas—to Anderson Mill.

IMG_5740IMG_5749The cowboy and Tom trying to figure out the workings.


The cowboy and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you good health and happiness in the coming New Year.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. I love scrambling around old machinery,too. Happy New Year to you and the cowboy.

  2. Hope you recover quickly, Janna:) Love that photo of the hawk on the saguaro!

    Wishing you and Michael a happy, healthy New Year!

  3. My friend Dianna went to Missoula for Christmas and she came back with a miserable cold from the plane also. Sure hope you are feeling much better and have a fantastic New Year.

  4. Fingers crossed we didn't pick up the germs of the coughing family in front of us at the movies yesterday - we probably should have moved :-( Hope your bug moves on quickly. Your ride looks so pretty. Happy New Year to you and Mike!

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