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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Glad I’m In Arizona

Oh, the weather has been frightful—in Montana!  First they had up to two feet of snow, then WAY sub zero temps and now the wind is blowing.  Total whiteout, dangerous conditions—I90 is closed for tonight for about 95 miles between Livingston, MT and Park City, MT.   Nasty!  I borrowed this photo from Facebook—it was posted by our friend Bonnie who owns the local quilt shop.

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It’s been rather chilly here in Arizona too but I haven’t dared complain—33 degrees this morning!

Saturday morning Al and Kelly came over to say goodbye/see you later.  They will head out of Congress on Monday to who knows where—it’s been nice knowing they were just up the street these last few years!

Saturday afternoon we both grabbed paintbrushes and headed outside to spread some paint on the trim work of the house—looking good!  Painting on rough finished stucco is not easy—takes a while!

Geri is home—she had a great time in Australia but is glad to be home.  They came over for happy hour this afternoon and she filled us in on what it’s like to live on an island—Geri’s niece lives there. 

Life is good!


  1. Me too. They are having the kind of winter that we used to have all the time when I was young.

  2. Me too. They are having the kind of winter that we used to have all the time when I was young.

  3. Yikes, glad that weather never got up to DPN, but it did get into the -30's for a few days. I am not much of an island guy, but I guess if you had to live on an island one that is as big as the Continental US is a good one to pick. Looks like we will have to track Kelly & Al down out in the desert somewhere to catch up with them.

  4. I left Livingston a little over a week ago after being there for a month. Kind of says it all when you have to leave Montana and go to the Colorado Rockies to get warm. Glad you're where it's nice weather and safe - and me, too. I'd hate to be a rancher about now trying to feed cattle up there.

  5. That was an amazing scene in the photo you posted on facebook. They certainly have had a nasty start to a winter that isn't even here yet.

  6. Yikes! And I thought 9 degrees was cold Sunday morning in Roswell!

  7. I can't imagine trying to get around in those conditions! We feel very blessed to have a home on wheels :-) It will take some getting used to not to picture Al and Kelly in the little Adobe. Oh the joys of painting stucco.....I don't miss that :-)))

  8. In spite of the Arizona and southern California weather seemingly cooler than normal, it sure beats the weather up your way in Montana and points further north.

    Back on the Canadian west coast for Christmas, our temperatures are hovering between 36 and 42 degrees. That is bearable.


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